WTF? Shrek 3 For Wii?


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Aug 8, 2006
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WHen Did This Happen!?
It's A Game Before Anyone Even Hears ABout A Third Move Coming Out!!!

*Sigh* This is what I hate to see on consoles. Crappy movie -> game ports that have been made in a few hours. The Wii already has quite a few, like that crappy Cars game, and that Barnyard rubbish. Avoid crap like this at all costs, and hopefully they'll figure out that we don't want them, and they'll stop making them... On second thought, they'll never stop, but at least we can drop their income by not spending money on this ****.
ok, yah i hate it, like all thoes THQ games! I hope they all FAIL!!! I serioulsy do!! Movie games need to die unless THEY ARE COOL MOVIES. Reign of Fire-Good Movie, Good Game. Snakes on a Plane-Bad movie-lets pray to god it isnt even considered. Cars-Good Movie BAD GAME
Some movie games are good. Some are bad.
Cars-Good Movie BAD GAME
Shrek 3? I actually liked Shrek 2 the game, hated Shrek 1. Just me probably :p

Anyway, I heard about Shrek 3 ages ago, so
It's A Game Before Anyone Even Hears ABout A Third Move Coming Out!!!
= false accusation of DOOM

Its about Shrek and he has a flashback of how he came to live in a swamp. Like anyone cares how.
Don't like movie games at all waste of money and for anybody who knows the crazy frog how the hell did he get a game?? wait its on playtation, understood.....
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Whoah... Crazy Frog Got A Game!?

That's So Friking Stupid!
MetroidZ said:
these games are only made, because i found out recently that pple actualy buy them
Wow i never would've gussed but the people who do buy games like crazy frog racer *shuder* deserve to be shot..... out of a canon