(WWE) smash bros brawl & wii vs ps3 line @ e3

:lol: im watchin the 1st one now and its sorta quality :lol:
:lol: at Wario and Snake jus bout to watch second

Edit: and ive seen the second before :):drool:
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The Second One Accually Stops Near The End Of The PS3 Line So It LOOKS Small...o_O

Samus And Pit Look Like The Actual Character!
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more than alot, the ps3 line was super short, while the wii one made laps curves circles and squares, and yea pit and samus look very alike in that game lol i remeber doing that with that (horrible) acclaim game (the first 3d one ever) it was called wwf warzone, and i almost made a mario, i remeber doing a reptile (from mk) but it came out "ok"