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Dec 20, 2007
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LOL, i got that off South park, for those of you who watch know what I'm on about!

1) I served my 1st Cousin from Swindon, on Wii boxing
2) I served my 2nd Cousins from Swindon, @ Tenkaichi 2 but that was a polite serving :ihih:
3) I served my 3rd cousin from Telford at Wii boxing, then he served me back @ wii tennis :confused:
4) I served my dad when we first got the wii @ wii boxing back in 06
5) I use to serve my sister's everyday, that's why they don't play me anymore, that's why i can't wait to get my freak on @ wifi play :drool:
6) God, yeah thats right GOD!, I did a prayer, I said "ppppssssssssst, I'll vers you in Tenkaichi 3, whoever win's shall be declared the new GOD,"
Then i said "If you agree to these terms give me no sign"
I waited patiently, no sign.
I played and he did'nt even put up a good fight in any of the games i played him at, I even switched on the second wii mote for him!
Then i noticed That i was playing as player 2, and i had set up God to play as player 2, so he won. Oh well, maybe next time! LOL! :worship:
That is not only a waste of space on the forum, but also offensive in the end... How old are you?

This is one of the most pointless topics I have seen yet:wtf:

But, it would probably be better in the lounge forum next time
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