Other sites come and go, this one kept on coming.

Even after a load of technical cock ups, even after some of the forums history was wiped, even after a certain member said it was a sinking ship only for his ship to sink, even after one member decided to spam the crap outa the site, only to realise it took him longer to do that than it did to get rid of it all. even after that crappy RPG where everyone was a bloody Darkknight, even after a forum war that spilt over different sites, even after a cop turned up and people stared going ape shit, even after the "REP ME" thing, even after all the active members buggered off, even after the Wiis (and WiiU, might as well be classed as dead as its release schedule is dryer than a prune) lifespan ended, even after I took over the modding duties, even after the chatbox basically slowed the forum down, even after endless clan spam, even after a certain member had beef with me (ok change that to a few),even after Facebook came along and kinda killed off a lot of forums, even after it was passed into the hands of new owners that don't really give a toss it still kept going.
(Did I miss anything of note?)

These days it has served its purpose and is exceedingly quiet with some spurts of life, mostly by spambots but sometimes by members.

10 YEARS!!
(and probably not ten more)