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all PARENTS are welcome to join Team MP (mamas and papas) COD:WAW

Discussion in 'Nintendo Online Play' started by DB4Dishonr, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. DB4Dishonr

    DB4Dishonr WiiChat Member

    Mar 17, 2009
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    ...but I wouldn't recommend it.

    Hello, everyone just stopping by to let any parent who happens to be browsing this forum and is looking for a clan that you IN NO WAY should be interested in being a part of TEAM MP despite what the subject says. I'm using the word 'clan' loosely anyway because we are more like a group of parents who have lives outside of playing COD. As far as a clans go, we are more casual than hardcore, but we do play together frequently and have a lot of fun, too much fun. More fun than you could possibly handle. There are over 25 members currently so there seems to always be someone online that you can get into matches with. Basically, that means that we have enough people in our group. We also have our own crappy forum that is NOT nearly as good as this one, where we get together, exchange friend codes, wii codes, talk about gaming and anything else that is on our mind, including how we don't like outsiders.

    If you have a couple minutes, DO NOT go ahead and visit our clansite 1t2e3a4m5m6p7.8n9e0t because that would be absolutely wrong for me to mention it. You DO NOT even need to register to browse, which is just terrible!!! Don't even think about visiting our thread called War Stories to get an idea how we operate as a group. You wouldn't see that there are plenty of friend codes to acquire if you are looking for a few good friends to play with, anyway.

    If you have any questions, I will be monitoring this thread at least a few times a week but I won't get back to you. You are out of luck.

    People that post threads advertising external clan sites should be shot!!!
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