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An In Depth View of "The Design Lounge"

Discussion in 'The Design Lounge' started by Syntax, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Syntax

    Syntax That Canucks Fan

    Dec 27, 2006
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    Everything You Need To Know About The WiiChat Graphics Section

    What is "The Design Lounge"?

    The Design Lounge is a section here at WiiChat solely dedicated to the graphics artists here at WiiChat. If you are a beginner artist looking to improve your graphics ability this is the section for you. In this section, you will be able to find various tutorials, resources and threads which shall meet your graphic needs. Not to mention, you can also have your work critiqued by the current graphics artist. However, the design lounge isn't just about graphics work. We accept all forms of media. If you are interested in photography and or drawing I suggest on taking a look at our "Art Thread"

    Link: Art Thread

    How did "The Design Lounge" come to be?

    To be added

    - Tyler

    What are the rules pertaining to "The Design Lounge"?

    Please note that all other forum rules apply to the WiiChat Graphics Design Lounge. However, there is one rule which specifically relates to the graphics community, ripped artwork.

    For those of you who have posted ripped artwork and or are planning to I suggest that you think twice before doing so. As of now, any members caught posting ripped artwork shall receive a permanent ban for doing so. There will be no second chances and no warnings given.

    Also, if you notice any members using another persons signature/avatar and have worries about it being ripped please contact one of the staff members immediately. This also goes for members who believe that another user has stolen his or her signature or avatar.

    Where are some of the resources available to the graphics artists here at WiiChat

    If you're looking for various resources to help you get on your way the below threads should help you with all your needs.

    Design Lounge Main Content

    Signature Request Thread
    Official Graphics Comments & Criticism
    Sig Of The Week Hall Of Fame By Wiired
    How To Request A Signature By Syntax
    How To Search By Brawny

    Photoshop 7.0+ Signature Tutorials

    Beginners Guide To PhotoShop By Syntax
    Adding A Video Into Your Signature By Secumfex
    Full Photoshop CS2 Tutorial With Video Animation By Demonflair
    Tag Tutorial By Enedlhachs
    Double Render Megaman Tutorial By ssbb_lover
    My Big Tutorial (Beginner - Intermediate) By Close
    Luongo Signature Tutorial By Syntax
    Vector Signature Tutorial By Demonflair
    How To Create A Signature Posted By Star Striker
    Beginner-Intermediate Signature Tutorial By ssbb_lover
    Lucario Signature Tutorial By Close
    MS Paint Rendering Tutorial
    A Wiired.wu Tutorial By Wiired
    Vector Signature Tutorial By Sneaux

    Gimp Tutorials

    Gimp Tutorials By Brawny
    Putting A Video In Your Signature By iRAWR
    Brushed Metal Tutorial By Cpt.McCloud

    Paint.net Tutorials

    Official Paint.Net Tutorials

    Other Useful GFX Content

    Signature Evaluation Thread By ssbb_lover

    Make A GIF Image From A Video On YouTube By DarkPrinny

    What is SOTW

    SOTW stands for Signature Of The Week. Signature Of The Week is a weekly contest where signature artists can compete against each other. Each Signature Of The Week has its own theme which lets the artist test their true ability.

    What are the rules pertaining to SOTW?

    If you do plan on entering in the WiiChat Signature Of The Week there are certain rules which must be upheld.

    -Unlimited number of participants
    -Only 1 entry per person
    -Deadlines for entries and voting are every Sunday at 11.59pm (week today) - any signatures applied after that will not be entered)
    -1 week voting period (doubles as week for new entries into next contest to maintain a current SOTW)
    -Must be relevant to given topic (if not, it will not be entered)
    -Must be an original work made within the given week

    What do the winners of SOTW get?

    Unfortunately, there is no title given to those who have won Signature of The Week. However, if you do happen to win a SOTW contest your signature shall be displayed in the "SOTW Hall Of Fame"

    Link: SOTW Hall Of Fame

    I'm not a signature artist but would like to have a signature made. How do I go about doing that?

    If you would like to request a signature from one of the graphics artists in this section feel free to check out "The Signature Request" Thread. Also, please remember to follow the below guide if you plan on requesting a signature. If you follow this guide, it makes it easier for the artist to complete your request.

    Link: How To Request A Signature

    How do I upload my signature or avatar

    If you are having troubles uploading a signature it is recommended that you follow the steps mentioned in the "Signature & Avatar Tutorial" thread. In that thread, it briefly describes how to use the site Photo Bucket and mentions the steps involved in uploading a signature or avatar.

    Link: How To Upload A Signature Or Avatar
    Link: Signature And Avatar Tutorial By Syntax[/b]

    SOTW Hall of Fame: A Look At WiiChat's Past

    Click Me

    Humongous Compiling of All Your Graphic Needs: By ssbb_lover

    Click Me
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  2. Byuakuya

    Byuakuya Bleach & Heroes fan.

    Jan 14, 2007
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    Soul Society
    That is explained very well Syntax. It felt like I was reading a professional manual for a recently purchased software or something similar. :lol:
    Thank you for the information and nicely done. :)
  3. Syntax

    Syntax That Canucks Fan

    Dec 27, 2006
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    Thanks for the feedback. If you'd like me to add anything onto it just let me know.
  4. Gikoku Harakami

    Gikoku Harakami ミュージック

    Oct 25, 2007
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    :) Heey, nice idea there, Syntax. Hmm, maybe for a start the prize for a SOTW Winner could be additional rep, just a small start for the whole prize idea.

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