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EA Releases New Wii-Specific FIFA 12 Details

Discussion in 'Featured News' started by Maura, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Jul 7, 2011
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    EA Sports has today unveiled a ginormous list of fascinating facts all about the forthcoming Wii version of FIFA 12, which is due for release on September 27 in North America and September 30 in the rest of the world. According to EA, there are two ways to play the game: traditional 11 vs 11 football matches with over 30 officially licensed leagues, 500 teams, and more than 15, 00 players, or 5 vs 5 street matches with the world’s biggest stars. Whichever way you play, you will earn rewards to develop your FIFA City, which is your own personalised city, where you can use your rewards to build it up into one of the world’s most desirable places to play, as well as create your dream club full of international superstars.

    EA says that the FIFA 12 Manager Mode is the deepest and most engaging ever created for the Wii, enabling you to manage your team budget as you trade players in the new transfer market, and control your players’ training schedule to turn them into international superstars.

    Other features in the Wii version of the game include the Intercity Cup, where you get to play against neighbouring cities in exclusive street and stadium tournaments, as well as 100 all-new awards that are spread throughout every game mode. The FIFA Wii Be A Pro experience has also been greatly enhanced, as you get to put yourself in the game with Create Player and play your way from the streets to the biggest stadiums in the world. As with all the other game modes, there are plenty of unlockables and enhancements here too, such as trick packs, new celebrations, and even new hairstyles.

    It really does sound like EA Sports is pulling out all the stops to ensure that Wii owners get just as much as other console owners from the game, which is always good to hear, as some other developers seem to be thinking much more about Wii U at the moment, and ignoring the Wii.

    Source: EA Stores

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