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Endless Ocean Blue World

Discussion in 'Nintendo Friend Codes' started by Joey_Roddy, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Joey_Roddy

    Joey_Roddy WiiChat Member

    Feb 26, 2012
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    Thibodaux, Louisiana
    Wii Friend Code: 2632-6894-7246-1628
    Hello everyone,

    I've just beaten and mastered the game Endless Ocean Blue World for the Nintendo Wii. There's nothing else to do because I've completely cleared the marine encyclopedia, I've cleared all quests, special requests, coin collection, salvage collection and treasure rumors. I've also gotten all equipments, items and hair styles. I also have all 11 befriended dolphins and whales.

    I'm looking for diving friends to join me or to team up with in Endless Ocean Blue World. My gate is always open. If anyone wants to become friends with me, you can add me. I have WiiSpeak. Just pm me and let me know when you are ready and what time would be best for you.

    My Nintendo Wii Console Number is 2632-6894-7246-1628
    My Wii Friend Code for Endless Ocean Blue World is 9938-0350-8460

    If you are interested, please add me, pm me and post your Wii console number code or Endless Ocean Blue World Friend code.
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