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First Gods vs Humans Screenshots Released

Discussion in 'Nintendo News & Rumors' started by Wii News, May 15, 2010.

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    Zallag and Artefact Studios have today released the first in-game screenshots of their forthcoming WiiWare game, Gods vs Humans, and they’re certainly very colourful! In the game you embody mighty Gods from four different mythologies (Norse, Egyptian, Greek-Roman, and Japanese). There are 16 Gods in total featured in the game, including Hades, Ra, Fujin and Thor.

    Your task is to stop humans from building a huge tower so that they can reach your lofty godly perch and take your place. You get to stop them the only way you know how, and the most fun way, with violence! Yes, use your powers to attack the tower and its builders, one level at a time. When a story collapses, impact and velocity are both taken into account, so it’s possible to take out more than one floor at once, especially if you think strategically and plan chain reactions. The tower is realized entirely in 3D, but represented on a 2D plane for a much smoother transition between the tower’s stories.


    Every human (or peon, as they’re called) in the game has their own class. Your basic peon serves both as a Builder (constructing the tower) and a Repairman (when the tower is damaged). Carriers bring resources to the Builders, and Supervisors make sure that everything goes smoothly. You will also come across both good and bad Priests, who can have either a positive or negative influence on the pace of construction.

    Each mythology will also have a specific class (Super Carrier, Priest Hunter and so on) that can also affect the outcome of the game. Sounds like the Gods have quite a lot to content with there!

    Still no release date for the game, but we’re promised some video footage soon.


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