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How does Mii Parade work??

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Online' started by track_11, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. track_11

    track_11 WiiChat Member

    Aug 17, 2007
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    Can anyone tell me how does mii parade work?..

    like what do i need to do?

    Im added codes but no miis are in my parade!

    i dont get it?:wtf:

    someone help me plz
  2. paintba||er

    paintba||er WiiChat Member

    Sep 17, 2006
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    Mormonville, Utah XBL GamerTag: sheise PSNID: s
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    Some of your friends will have to have their Miis set to mingle.....
  3. captainff

    captainff slightly amused

    Feb 25, 2007
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    Wii Friend Code: 5537-0855-7535-2075
    If only my homepage was up I could link you to something I wrote....... hold on a sec.....I copied it here........hope it answers some of your questions!

    Exchanging Mii's

    If you search the threads here you will find some useful info, but basically.....

    1)If you go to the mii channel there are two areas. The plaza is where it opens and the parade is the other area that is accessed by clicking on the 3 people icon top right on the plaza screen. At the moment you probably don't have a huge number of Mii's in either but.......

    When you create your Mii, on the naming/favourite colour page there is a 'mingle' option. Select a Mii to mingle and an orange smiley appears in its name balloon. This mii will now appear on the parades of other people in your address book if .....

    You have gone to your own parade and selected the travel settings option, once again an icon of 3 people on the right, and selected 'travel' and......

    Both you and your buddy have correctly added each other to your address books and they appear bold or darker grey. Now......

    Sit back and wait, a few new mii's will join your parade every day!

    2) From the plaza, click on the envelope icon. Pick up a mii by holding down A+B on the wiimote. Drop the mii into the envelope and a list of your Wii friends will appear. Select the friend who should recieve a copy of your Mii and confirm...

    The next time that friend opens the Mii Channel your Mii wii appear in their plaza, and interact with their Miis. eg. I currently have Miss Piggy, Nicole Kidman and 2 Jesus's that have been sent to me all arguing with Gaffer!

    3) Your plaza will hold 100 Mii's. If you run out of room then delete some of the mii's created by your Wii friends. As long as their creators set them to mingle they will appear on your parade in due course!!

    Mii's - What is the point of them?

    Ok, so you've exchanged friend codes and now have a plaza and parade with some Mii's wandering around and you are looking at them thinking "What is the point?" Well...........

    1) You can use your own Mii as an avatar in some games. Currently this is limited to Wii Sports and Wii Play but there are already rumours circulating that this list will expand, and continue to expand, as more games are released.

    2) In the 'Everybody Votes' channel you use your Mii to register your preference on each topic

    3) In Wii Sports and Wii Play the Mii's from your plaza are used in the crowds that watch the contests. Watch your friends cheer your epic performances!

    4) In Wii Play's 'Find Mii' the Mii's in your plaza are included in the game. Trying to locate your friends is always easier than searching for strangers.. .. ..

    5) You can assign a Mii each person in your address book.

    6) Impress your friends by creating celebrity Mii's or bizzarre Mii's. Who is your favourite celebrity? Can you make a Mii with a passing resemblence to them?

    Thats all very nice but my Wii isn't online!

    You've read through the previous posts and realised that you can't access all of the features because you haven't connected your Wii to the internet. There is a way to access some of them by using your wiimote. If you have created Mii's that you want to share with a friend and one, or both, of you is not connected to the internet, or if you want to move Mii's from your plaza to your parade there is a way to do it.

    For this to work you will need a
    Wii, a wiimote and a copy of either Wii Sports or Wii Play.

    1) Open your Mii channel. In the plaza there are four icons on the right hand side. Click on the wiimote icon then choose the wiimote that you wish to use (usually 1).

    2) The Wii will read the wiimote and a box will appear at the top of the screen with 10 circles in. Pick up a Mii from your plaza with A+B and drop them into an empty circle. Next, save and quit. A copy of the selected Mii is now saved on your wiimote and will stay there until you delete it. It is safe to change batteries if necessary as this will not wipe the memory.

    3) Now delete the Mii from the plaza that you have copied to your wiimote.

    4) Close the Mii channel and go to the Disc channel, with either Wii Sports or Wii Play, and start the game. When you get to the screen where you are asked to select a Mii, click on the Wii Remote button at the top left of the selection screen. Any Mii's you have saved on the wiimote will now appear for you to be able to select. You do not need to select them - your Wii has already read the wiimote and the Mii's have been transferred to your parade!

    5) To see the results of this, exit the Disc channel and return to the Mii channel. Go to your parade and you will see that the Mii's stored on your wiimote are now part of your parade.

    6) The final step is to delete the stored Mii's from your wiimote by going back to the plaza, clicking on the wiimote icon again and dragging the Mii's from your wiimote to the erase icon.

    A few things to remember
    1) Once you have transferred your Mii's in this way your Wii will identify them as being 'foreign' Mii's which means that you will not be able to edit them.
    2) This process will not work with Mii's that were originally created on another Wii, only with your own Mii's.
    3) You can use the same process to put a Mii you have created on the parade of any other Wii, so you don't need the internet to share your Mii's with friends!
    4) There will be 'special Mii's' released from time to time by Nintendo. These Mii's have golden trousers and cannot be moved once they show up on your Wii. Do not attempt to perform the above actions on special Mii's or they will leave your Wii forever.

    That should just about cover it........

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