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Lost Winds

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by Foxy, Mar 15, 2008.

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    WiiWare, the Nintendo answer to Xbox Live Arcade and PSN store, has been a subject of rumours and discussion since it was first announced. People were asking questions of how would they store these games on the small 512mb memory the wii holds? How much would they cost? Will the games be good? Well I can clarify that the answer to that last question is a whole hearted 'yes'.

    Square Enix
    have been busy making a Final Fantasy game for Wiiware which seems by far the biggest title. Nintendo has offered its services with the updated Dr Mario and Xgen Studios offering some light hearted fun from its flash range. We're sure to come across many other developers and their creations with the WiiWare channel fast approaching.

    The latest title to be announce is the 3D Frontier Entertainment title 'Lost Winds'. It is a mix between adventure and platform as you take control of Toku and his power to manipulate wind. Use your wiimote to guide Toku through harsh gale force tornadoes or subtle breezes on his travels across the land. Use the face buttons as modifiers for the wind.

    As far as stories go this isn't anything blockbusting. The Evil Balasa has put a curse on the land of Mistralis however why focus on the story when the developers have done such a good job bringing the beautiful land of Mistralis to life on WiiWare?

    The title will launch on May 12th along with the WiiWare channel.


    David Braben, lead producer at Frontier and industry mojo behind the classic space trading game Elite and many other highly popular and successful games recently was put under interrogation by gaming site Develop about his latest project for the soon to be Nintendo's download service WiiWare

    David Braben is a well known British video game designer of cause he is best known for co-making the hugely popular and inflation game Elite with Ian bell while both were studying at Cambridge University. Another Pivitol game in his career has been Zarch a.k.a as Virus which was considered to be the first true 3d game. From there on he founded Frontier development who created the sequels to Elite. His more recent works include games in the Wallace and Gromit franchise and Roller Coaster Tycoin games. He is currently working on The Outsider and a WiiWare game called Lost Winds which is set to launch on May 12th with the service.

    'We are extremely proud of the game, and we expect it to do well - it is clearly a fantastic opportunity for us and we're doing our best to grab it with both hands. There are enough Wiis in the world that LostWinds has the potential to make us as much profit/royalty income as a disc-based game. Given that we only work on two or three of those at any one time, that's a potentially significant positive impact on our business.

    We're fortunate to be financially robust enough and have ongoing contracted projects with publishing partners that LostWinds isn't a make or break venture for us in monetary terms. I think the really significant impact LostWinds will have is to gain the experience from developing and promoting a game on a download channel like this. The lessons we will learn on the way will be invaluable as digital downloads increase in significance as a distribution medium.

    Catch the full interview here.​

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