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Mega Man 10 Gets WiiWare Release Date and New Screenshots

Discussion in 'Nintendo News & Rumors' started by Wii News, Feb 11, 2010.

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    Mega Man 10 Gets WiiWare Release Date and New Screenshots-1.052010-02-11 21:31:02Maura S[​IMG]

    Capcom has today revealed that Mega Man 10 will be released for WiiWare on March 1st 2010, for 1000 Wii Points. As well as this all-important information, Capcom has also revealed the names of two of Mega Man’s new special weapons: the Water Shield and the Commando Bomb. All this, and there are also new screenshots of the Mega Man Challenges mode for you to enjoy. According to Capcom, the Mega Man Challenges have been upgraded since Mega Man 9, enabling you to practice in stages by clearing various challenges, giving novice players a chance to master the basics before moving on to the main story mode.

    Finally in this latest Mega Man 10 round-up, Capcom helpfully offers a comparison between Easy Mode and Normal Mode in the game, with the following advice:

    “Easy Mode is featured for people who gave up on MM9 or have not played an action game for a while. In addition, this would be a perfect mode for people who aren’t used to traditional Mega Man difficulty and need a little assistance.”


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