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MKWii casual tournament

Discussion in 'Mario Kart Wii' started by brambo36, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. brambo36

    brambo36 WiiChat Member

    Oct 24, 2009
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    I'm having a small tournament with a few friends, we're starting at 6PM EST (a good hour after this post). It's always fun to have a few more people, so if you wanna join in, let me know!

    We will play 2 rounds of 4 races (this means two Grand Prix's). If there's more than 12 people (including guests) there will be two rooms. The first 8 races will determine who the best 8 are, and these people do the final 4 races to determine the winner
    You can pick any stage, but you can NOT pick a stage that was chosen earlier in the tournament!
    All vehicles are allowed, but you must use a Mii character to race.

    I hope this doesn't get closed because of this, but I'm organising the tourney from another site. We use their chat, it's easier. PM me or go over to www.wifitournament.com

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