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WiiChat?s Weekly Top 5: Best WiiWare Titles

Discussion in 'Nintendo News & Rumors' started by Wii News, Nov 1, 2009.

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    Oct 10, 2009
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    WiiChat's Weekly Top 5: Best WiiWare Titles-1.052009-11-01 16:17:03RivalDestinyThe WiiWare service was introduced in mid-2008. This gave developers a chance to put out smaller-scale games. These games, ranging from 500 to 1500 points, spawned a new market for downloadable games on the Wii. WiiWare has also opened up access to genres fading away, including 2-D side-scrollers. With a plethora of games on the WiiWare, the question posed to many is “What’s the best?” I’m here to go over the Top 5 WiiWare titles based on my experiences with the games. Get buckled up and get ready! Here it goes.

    5. Bomberman Blast

    Publisher: Hudson Software
    Points: 800 Points

    Bomberman is heralded for its fast-paced gameplay and multiplayer. The main reason why this is ranked though is because of the Battle Mode. It’s fun. You are not only able to play locally, but worldwide with anyone who also purchased the game. It traces back to its own roots and includes everything a Bomberman fan would love. The easy-to-pickup play is here, the comical and upbeat tempo of the game is ever-present, and the overall fun will always be hanging around. For those looking for a great party game to pick up, this one is a must-buy.

    4. Megaman 9

    Publisher: Capcom
    Points: 800 Points


    As a child, Megaman brought many memories and hours of gameplay to my household. The series has stayed true to its difficulty and at times frustrating gameplay, but has also captivated fans to come back and play more. With different iterations released, such as Battle Network or MegaMan Zero, its hard to choose from the plethora of games. Megaman 9 though stands out as one of the best. Released in 2008 and released on all three leading platforms, it had a large amount of press due to its retro comeback. It did not disappoint. The game shares identical features as Mega Man 8, which was released 10 years earlier. Gamers who needed a Mega Man revival and wanted some new retro aesthetics, this is the game to pick up and play.

    3. NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits

    Publisher: Over The Top Games
    Points: 800 Points


    NyxQuest flew by many gamers and did not get the attention as I would of like. NyxQuest is a 2-D side scroller which incorporates creative puzzles. Nyx, the main character, can be controlled and manipulated to use certain powers to solve puzzles and to avoid obstacles. Coming straight from Greek mythology, the art and music directly represents that. The art style, which is hand drawn, fits perfectly with the game and brings in the aesthetics and beauty of the game. NyxQuest is clever in what it does, and never makes its too easy or too frustrating for the player. When you die, you will have the motivation to try and try again. Although the journey is quite short, the enjoyment drawn out from it is great.

    2. LostWinds

    Publisher: Frontier Developments
    Points: 800 Points


    LostWinds is a platform/adventure game published late last year in December. Toku, a young boy, is sent to save his homeland and receives help from the Wind Elemental. Although the plot may sound generic, the true motive are the game mechanics, controls, and aesthetics. The user is able to use his or her WiiMote to draw wind paths for Toku. Just like NyxQuest, you use this mechanic to your advantage to defeat monsters, solve puzzles, and avoid obstacles. The game also brings a lot of charm and love. If you’re a total sucker for for this, then well, you’re in luck! The game is rather short in length, but for 800 points, you cannot go wrong with this game.

    1. World of Goo
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Points: 800 Points


    World of Goo is a perfect example of a unique, one of a kind game. The style is great, the charm is there, and everything about it runs very smoothly. You are sent, as many would of guessed, to a world of goo. Goo Balls are used to connect to one another to create towers, bridges, lines, or any other contraption to help you finish the level. With a good amount of puzzles to solve and crack, the game will hold your attention for quite some time. New features, Goo Balls, and mechanics are introduced along the way, so it never tends to get boring or repetitive. The backgrounds and atmosphere, from the music to drawings, are fantastic. World of Goo is one of those games to pick up to fully understand the experience. For those who haven’t pick this gem up, do so now, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

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