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Will the Patriots lose? Playoffs Discussion Here

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by nic7, Dec 28, 2007.

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    Aug 22, 2006
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    Alright, yes I know the teams in the playoffs haven't quite been decided but I figured we should start up this thread now.

    Now, I think the Pats are easily going to win this weekend. I'd really be surprised if the game was even close. So, the big question is will they lose in the playoffs?

    I do think the Jags could take them down right now. I mean, it looks as if the Jags will get to go back to Pittsburgh in the first round. A team that they not only beat earlier, but a team that has a semi-injured quarterback and best running back is out for the year. So, Jags win that easy.

    I also think that San Diego beats Tennessee/Cleveland (In other words Tenn.) and would advance to play Indy.

    So AFC Divisional Round
    16-0 New England Vs. 13-4 Jacksonville
    13-3 Indianapolis Vs. 12-5 San Diego

    Now, the NFC:

    Washington is riding on Sean Taylor's death and they get in to the playoffs. And, while they are in there, they are going to do something.

    They will go to Tampa Bay the first round of the playoffs and pull a big upset. Propelling them, after Seattle takes care of the Giants, to the Divisional Round

    So NFC Divisional Round:
    13-3 Dallas Vs. 10-7 Washington
    13-3 Green Bay vs. 12-5 Seattle

    Green Bay takes care of a Seattle team that isn't worthy of it's record and advances to the NFC Championship Game.

    Dallas barely squeaks by Washington and they, too, head to the NFC Championship game.

    So Rematch:
    14-3 Dallas Vs. 14-3 Green Bay

    And then in the AFC Divisional round, the Jags do it. They pull the upset of the year and beat the Pats 31-24.

    Then Indy escapes the Chargers to get to the AFC final

    So Rematch between two teams that have met twice this year. (Indy going 2-0)

    14-4 Jacksonville vs. 14-3 Indianapolis

    Super Bowl:

    15-3 Dallas Vs. 15-4 Indianapolis

    Dallas can't prevail. Indy Repeats as champs.

    Alright, I know most, if not all of you disagree with me here. So, let me see what you guys think. From you playoff teams to super bowl winner.

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