1. J

    Bricked Wii, no mods- help save miis

    So I have one of the first wii from the US having waited all night at Target. It's never been modded in any way and now it boots only to a garbled "system files are corrupted" screen. Garbled as in the text is degraded and missing pieces. The harddrive flashes once, the power button is green...
  2. legofan623

    This may be strange Wii brick, I'M SCARED TO DEATH

    I was running my copy of sonic riders zg off of USB loader gx when all of the sudden this one level (gigan rocks) would keep freezing at the loading screen. I repeated trying to load the level about 15 times, and at that point I formatted my flash drive and put the game back on. After THAT...
  3. A

    i need help with my nintendo wii(is it brick)

    last year, i mes with the ios files and i fried my blue tooth module today i got a used one for a replacement it's didn't work what is wrong with it? is the motherboard the wifi or the blue tooth please help!
  4. EmoDaisy

    Modded Wii became a brick! Someone help??

    Ok, so i have a modded wii my bro fixed me up with. Everything went smoothly at first, saved plenty of games to the harddrive, it didnt freeze too often, and games worked like a charm! That is, until i downloaded a game, Resident Evil Archieves. My bro. didnt do a very good job explaining how...