Bricked Wii, no mods- help save miis


WiiChat Member
Jan 3, 2012
So I have one of the first wii from the US having waited all night at Target. It's never been modded in any way and now it boots only to a garbled "system files are corrupted" screen. Garbled as in the text is degraded and missing pieces. The harddrive flashes once, the power button is green.

Doesn't matter how I boot, wiimote, +-, power reset, any combination I can think of. The only change is after a few minutes if I push A then some of the text in the error message will restore, but not 100%.

Is there any way to force a boot without previously installed mods?

Can I remove the hard drive and mount it? If I do can I save my mii files?

All I really want at this point is to save my 100s of miis, I mean it would be nice if the console came back but very few of the miis are on wiimotes and that's the only thing I can't replace with money.