1. J

    Bricked Wii, no mods- help save miis

    So I have one of the first wii from the US having waited all night at Target. It's never been modded in any way and now it boots only to a garbled "system files are corrupted" screen. Garbled as in the text is degraded and missing pieces. The harddrive flashes once, the power button is green...
  2. J

    why can't i post my mii QR code on wiichat

    i just can't it won't work :frown5:
  3. D

    Will Miis saved on Wiimotes be erased during wii format?

    So i want to format my wii system, and start over. However, i dont want to lose the miis that have been created on the hardware. If i transfer the miis to the wiimote, will it remain untouched after the formatting has been completed? Or will the system format the wiimotes as well?
  4. M

    *Question* Colors on the Name?!

    OK, I just joined this forum today, and I have a question. I was playing Quantum Of Solace 007 yesterday, and saw peoples names with colors on them! Note: If I was playing Team Deathmatch it would be green or red for teams, Green: Your side. Red: Opponents side. If it was Deathmatch it would...
  5. T

    my mii code

    add me 3682-4217-4031
  6. N

    Using Miis on controller directly in a game?

    Hi- I have a couple of questions 1 Are there any Wii games that allow you to play as the Miis stored on your controller? I understand that I can transfer Miis via the controller to another console, but what I am asking is this scenario: I load Miis onto my controller I sync to a Wii...
  7. damaniac2

    cyclops mii

    ok i dont know if im the first to find this (most likely am) but i made a cyclops mii. heres how to 1.hair. choose the first one. (you dont have to i just did.) 2. eye brows. i put down no eyebrows but you choose 3. eyes. 3rd section. third eye. move the eyes together and bring them as far...