1. X

    Connecting iPhone (PdaNet) to the Wii's Internet

    Dear All, I have recently gone to Walmart to get the Wii a few days ago, and I am having problems while trying to connect my Wii to the Internet... I was wondering if I could use a jailbroken iPhone's program called PdaNet to connect to the Internet. While trying to connect, it finds the...

    Wii Goldeneye ONLINE game crashes

    Gotta love the Goldeneye game crashes!! Eeeeeeeeeeeee... This YouTube clip is similar to my problem. Picture/game freezes and constant tone. Mine is a little higher pitched. The sound is coming through the audio speaker - it is not a sound of the physical Wii unit. This has happened ONLY DURING...
  3. F

    Wii Won't update

    I just got COD Black Ops today and was hoping to do some mad gaming but when I put it in it asked to update, like every other time i did but within a couple of seconds it said the update failed. I tried to update from the Wii settings menu and it stays for a couple of minutes then i get error...
  4. V

    Getting error code 52230

    I keep getting error code 52230 and I've checked up on what it stands for. Problem with that, I don't have firewalls on my router, it's connected, and I've connected a different wii up to it before so I know it's not the router that's the real problem. Any idea how to help?
  5. 97raven123

    wii shop channel errors. it never stops!!!

    this is probably my biggest problem on my wii. when i get on my wii shop channel, i continueally get this error. its the "unknown error has occured. please try again later" ive tried everything on the wii support site, and it still doesnt work. very rarely does it work, and when it does it lasts...
  6. J

    Mario party 8 and Super mario bros won't work. Is it the console or the games?

    Mario party 8 will let me chose the disc channel, then let me chose start on the menu, then gives me the can not read disk error. Super Mario Bro. will play for about 30 seconds, then gives me an error to eject the game and turn off the power to the console. It doesn't matter where the games is...
  7. MFK-Clan

    i need help with my internet

    i have tried to do most of the things that people have said, but everything i do comes up with a different error, first i got 51330 then 51331 then 52031. can anyone help me?
  8. A

    Need to connect to internet

    I am trying to access the internet on my Wii at school. The connection is open to use but i need to enter my id and password to actually have access to the internet. however, i am gettin an error code 52232 - is there a way i can fix this! please help, its urgent!