1. link2000

    Titles that you would like to see ported to the "Wii".

    This thread is about games that you've always wanted ported to the wii. :3 One of the games that I've always wanted to see on the wii would have to be "Doom 3", because it would be nice to see such an engine running on the wii. There would be no downgrading, but awesome changes to its...
  2. H

    All wii games downloads

    Spoted this to day,<Link removed> they'll provide unlimited downloads for a year or permanent. AND this is without any kind moddifed wii. Have anybody tried this? Worth the money?
  3. aro19

    little Contest

    Mod edit. Dont beg for games
  4. L

    Need wii friends? Put your wii friend codes here! d^-^b

    :blackwii::blackwii::yesnod:hey my fellow wii-er's! trying to find some wii friends? or you just bought a wii and have barely/zero wii friends? clicked on the right thread! Welcome and share your wii friend codes here!^-^
  5. M

    Games with open map/world (sim. to GTA)

    Hi, Since i recently got banned from the Animal cRossing Community forums, that game has been rarely played since i cant connect with anyone online without joining that forum again. Im looking for a few types of games that include a free world/open map that allow me to continue the game...
  6. P

    games for people with RSI or carpal tunnel

    So, I bought a Wii as a long-time Wii-tennis player, as its the only game system I can use due to longterm RSI. Are there other games out there that I won't have to use/press buttons? Specifically, I'm looking for: least amount of button-pressing most amount of gesturing cooperative...
  7. WAWlrus

    Why cant i add my freind code and custom user title?!

    it says that my freindcode is invalid and my custom user title wont stay please help me! dont bother answering i figured it out
  8. Clash Man


    Hello I am a programmer from Canada Ontario. I code in C++ and am fairly fluent in the Gamecube/Wii API, as well as the Allegro GPL API. I guess I joined here to showcase some game I make, as well as meet other developers. Some of my favorite games are Jet Force Gemini, Joy Mech Fight, and...
  9. P

    Wii Games That Are Compatible With Classic Controller?

    HI i was jus asking if anyone could help to make a 'Wii Game List' that is classic controller compatible. Or is there any website that i can check out the compatibility? * I got a Wii Classic Controller Pro ( Black ) * it works great ! For my question above .. i hope to get a reply soon...
  10. S

    Hello, Everyone!

    Hey my name is Starfam, wanna know look at my signature. Note: I am currently using my wii internet channel, which is now FREE for everyone. >_>
  11. G

    What are the interesting games in XBOX 360?

    Xbox 360 Games are the introduction of the gaming console and to make people crazy with their exciting games. Mostly 3D techonolgy used in these xbox games. Xbox games like Grand Theft Auto, Fallout, Skate 2, Street Fighter, Fable II, Guitar Hero, Gears of war..likewise.. These games are...