Wii Games That Are Compatible With Classic Controller?


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Sep 22, 2009
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HI i was jus asking if anyone could help to make a 'Wii Game List' that is classic controller compatible. Or is there any website that i can check out the compatibility?

* I got a Wii Classic Controller Pro ( Black ) * it works great !

For my question above .. i hope to get a reply soon

Thanks for ur help ! :wink:

Pakpak ...
There isnt that many that do
Its mostly the fighting ones or anything off the Virtual console

A bit of a scout around finds the following

Guilty Gear X: Accent Core.
NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
Dragonball something
Smash brothers Brawl
Metal Slug
Geometry Wars Galaxies.
Mortal Kombat something
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Is there any website that i can see the compatibilities for classic controllers??
I just googled your question and found a few titles but no sites
Mario Kart Wii also lets you use a classic controller.

when you go to buy a game look at the top right corner of the back of the box. if it has a little classic controller picture, then its compatible
SSBB thats all you need to know, but my gamecube controller recently broke. So i bought a new one for free!!!

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