I have the most confusing problem(s) EVA!

    Ok, So here is the deal. When I had first bought my Wii everything worked fine. A few months later, Nintendo released an update that screwed up my Wii. I can connect to the Internet, send messages, and use the Wii Shop Channel, but I can't play SSBB or Mario Kart Wii with my friends. About a...
  2. J

    Zombies Players!!Wanted

    ^ The title explains itself ...I would like to add some good zombies players..im kidda tired of playin online (already reach prestige 10..that was my goal)..the regular players that u found playin zombz are really bad (im not sayin im a expert but at least i can be useful ) so i would like to...
  3. M

    Recruiting: 4 Deh Hax

    The 4 Deh Hax Clan! CHAT The 4 Deh Hax clan was formed when the leaders of the 4DP Clan and the HN Clan came together to merge both clans into the 4 Deh Hax clan. This clan is for hackers and non-hackers. To join, please fill out this form: PLAYER NAME: VR: RANK: YOUTUBE PAGE: Please put...
  4. A

    GX Loader & USB Loader help

    I have installed Homebrew, Gx Loader, and USB LOader and they were all functioning fine. I wanted to use the wii shop channel so i updated, even though there was no update i knew. And now I cannot use GX Loader or USB Loader even though they are still set as channels on my wii, whenever I open...