Zombies Players!!Wanted


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Mar 10, 2011
Bx, NY
^ The title explains itself ...I would like to add some good zombies players..im kidda tired of playin online (already reach prestige 10..that was my goal)..the regular players that u found playin zombz are really bad (im not sayin im a expert but at least i can be useful ) so i would like to add some good players or someone that can hack the game and just have some fun playin private match etc etc...So if u r interested leave ur Code and i will add you ...

my tag :[Kos]-JAG

Zorry 4 ma baD inglish :frown5:
Oh god finally!

i would luv to finally have a group on the wii zombs since most ppl cant be bait for 10secs or i find myself surrounded because im the only 1 left on round 4 for crying out loud... so I would like to join your group ally invite is...

(3961-6957-8202) the name should be Kosapocalyptic

I hope to get a reply soon from u
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