1. O

    How to get Forecast and News channel on WiiU?

    I Want to get Forecast and News channel on my WiiU So I can use it for RiiConnect24. Is there any way to get the wads or something?
  2. C

    Is there a way to load 'backup' files without Homebrew channel?

    Hi. I saw an inspirational video today (above) and as far as emulation is concerned, I take a very conservative stance, but this is a cool perspective and the Wii is perfect because it has the most VC options and all the classic consoles' controllers are compatible with the Wii for god's sake...
  3. dascrow

    Welcome to the Wii U Homebrew Forum!

    Welcome to the latest addition of WiiChat dedicated to Homebrew on the Wii U.
  4. P

    Quite experienced, But new to WII Chat...

    hello all, i have played on the wii console since christmas 09'. I am 14 years old and also LOVE minecraft. Currently i am on the internet channel alot (im posting off my wii). At this moment in time i am ordering a SD card off the net and i am going to do multiple modifications to my WII...
  5. D

    Is my BRAND NEW wii scratching my discs?

    Hi and thanks for reading, I bought a launch wii back in Jan. 07 at Toys R' Us. The thing lasted me for nearly 5 years, but the console started making clicking and buzzing sounds when I played a game, and I feared it may be scratching my discs. Convinced, I bought a brand new black wii...
  6. A

    GX Loader & USB Loader help

    I have installed Homebrew, Gx Loader, and USB LOader and they were all functioning fine. I wanted to use the wii shop channel so i updated, even though there was no update i knew. And now I cannot use GX Loader or USB Loader even though they are still set as channels on my wii, whenever I open...