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    chose the wrong wiimote after update

    Hi can anyone help me?? just got the new zelda game and after the intial update it asked for me to choose the wiimote that i had... I chose the wiimotion plus which i do not have is there anyway to reset the selection because now i cant even start to play the game because of not having that...
  2. D

    Will Miis saved on Wiimotes be erased during wii format?

    So i want to format my wii system, and start over. However, i dont want to lose the miis that have been created on the hardware. If i transfer the miis to the wiimote, will it remain untouched after the formatting has been completed? Or will the system format the wiimotes as well?
  3. Y

    Need help with wiimote

    Hi all, I want to sense the IR emitted from a common led using wiimote and write a script with GlovePIE. I.E. I want to do opposite of a sensor bar. Like, keeping the Wiimote stationary and moving the ir led in order to move the mouse. Somebody pleeeeeease help me....
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    Wii Remote help!

    Okay, I decided to move my furniture around today and I had you re-plug in my wii. When I turned it on, it worked fine until I tried to move my cursor. I couldn't even find it! All the buttons still worked, though and it was connected
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    How many Wiimotes can be used at once?

    Hello, I am interested in hosting a big Wii sports tourney, where I will be using 5 Wiis on 5 TV's, with 4 controllers on each wii in my basement. My basement is large, but I am concerned with 20 wii remotes in close proximity there might be interference between the wiis, because I am not sure...