How many Wiimotes can be used at once?


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Sep 17, 2009
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I am interested in hosting a big Wii sports tourney, where I will be using 5 Wiis on 5 TV's, with 4 controllers on each wii in my basement. My basement is large, but I am concerned with 20 wii remotes in close proximity there might be interference between the wiis, because I am not sure how many different frequencies the wii uses to sync controllers.

Do I have anything to be concerned about? Or will it all work out? Or is there a way to make sure they all sync on different frequencies?

Any help or advice is appreciated!


first sync up 4 wii remotes to each system and test to see if they get interference on the 1 wii. then repeat with the others.
after that try 2 wiis at once with all 4 wii remotes active. if there's no interference then try it with 3 and then 4 and 5 respectively. if you get any interference then you know you've hit the max.

as far as i know though the wii syncs up to a specific signal from the wii and the wii generates one of like 6 or 7 signals on its own so there shouldn't be a problem but you should test before hand to make sure cause i'm not 100%
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Well I would test it, but unfortunately I do not have access to all the wiis until the night of the event. Thanks for the post!