001 MKDS ds review


Jun 25, 2006
hemet, CA
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here is my review for Mario Kart DS (MKDS) 001

this game has ALOT going for it... from the second you pick up this game and put it in and boot it up on ur ds you are imersed into a game with excellent sound and vivid colors, i cant tell you how many hours i have spent playing this game (until people started snaking around the courses and then it got boring)..... hehe... so

this game in 1 player mode, there's alot to do. there is the standard grand prix, and time trials, there is also VS mode and battle and mission options. the grand prix and time trials are exactly like i nthe other mario kart games you can race against the computers to unlock other charecters and other carts to choose from. in the vs mode you can choose to race against the computers on select tracks, and in time trials i dont think i need to explain, but there is an option to send ur ghost data to a friend within range of ur DS. in the battle mode it is like in the mk64, there is the block fortress that makes a return and there is one where you race ontop of the DS fighting for the stars and shinnes , other courses include tart top, pipe plaza, twilight house and palm shore, which are all fun imo except palm shore heh. The mission mode has you doing missions almost like in crazy taxi mission mode but with a nintendo flare to them. they have you doing things like collecting certain items, shooting certain targets and racing against other enemies and the clock also defeating enemies.

one thing i forgot to add was that you can race up to 7 other people that are around you with one card or multiple cards, you can race in tracks or do battle races which are all fun when you get aloit of friends together to play, but if you choose to do it from one card, the people who have no card and given the standard shy guy char and the standard cart...

the multiplayer is a GREAT feature that has been long awated for and it being on a handheld is even a bigger plus for MKDS lol, the online feature (nintendo WFC) allows you to race three other people from around the world on the course chose by the 4 of you, one thing it did miss was the battle part of it, i think it would have made the game alot better than it already is if they added battles. but you can choose form courses like rainbow road tick tock clock and choco island, the two cons i found for the online feature was that people can snake the courses and then it is almost nearly impossible to catch up to them, and then there is the people who are losing so they just turn off their ds... which both of those are pretty lame...

i would give this game a 4 out of 5..... or a 8.8 out of 10 because this game is sooooo fun and the images and sounds are easy on the eyes and are an enjoyment to play