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Jul 3, 2006
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Hello and welcome to Haku Gaming for the DS. I have done so much on the Wii I thought I should Bring some stuff to my favorite Handheld console Alright the games I will talking about this week will be Star Fox Command, Bleach, and MechAssault: Phantom War.

Ah Star Fox a series that I can still remember playing on those crappy graphics on the N64. I was surprised when I checked out how the graphics were nice and fresh. This game is all about piloting your spaceship through the air using the stylus so for any fans of Ground Based Star Fox games I would look elsewhere.

The game adds a little bit of an RTS feel. Basically you chose a path on the screen and you will be zapped into that area. Make sure you stay close to the mother ship though if that destroyed bye bye Star Fox. During these missions you'll be looking for things to find and enemies to kill so there will be no boring moments in this game.

The whole fox crew is here you'll hear the familiar gibberish of the pilots and you'll even be able to make your own gibberish. The game is awesome in Multiplayer Dogfights galore and this game will have Wifi ability. All and All this game looks pretty good even though you have to use the stylus trust me this game is a great addition to the star fox series.

The next game on our list is Bleach which was of course inspired after the hit anime show. In the game you have several modes including Story Mode, Arcade, Combo Practice, Shop and Deck Edit. Yes in the shop you can buy cards to help you out in battle. You can also get them from completing certain tasks.

The Story mode will center on the Main Character. Later on in the game you'll unlock the storylines of other characters, but I would not get comfartble aside from the Main Characters Story mode the extra ones only go up to around 4 battles.

The Upper part of the screen will be used for battling the lower part will be used to quickly activate Cards two at a time. Overall this game looks good I don't much about the anime so I hope to learn more before I can play this game but it definitely sounds like another good addition to the DS library.

The Last game in our list actually originated from Xbox MechAssault: Phantom War. Now the Mech Assault series has blasted its way to the DS. When you turn on the game the story is revealed as in your place in it. The first mission will be like a training one so don't worry about getting blasted on the first level.

The touch screen allows you to all sort of things ranging from jumping out of the Mech suit pull up hints and activating energy shields. The game also features some Hack games that require you to use your Stylus to hack away quickly to win. This game looks to bring all the goodies from the Xbox version to the DS side so definitely check this game out.

Well this has been an issue of Haku Gaming DS tune in next week to find what other games have earned the right to be on Haku gaming farewell!
Running out of games on the Wii, eh?:lol: Anyways besides it being a "good read" it's great that u'r doing Haku Gaming for the DS too.

U took the idea right out from under me...:p
I prefered MechWarrior to Mech Assault but hey I'm a sucker for giant batteling mechs. Two outta those I'm definately getting, and I might get the Bleach one as I've got the manga up to "the white invasion*"

*I can't help but feel that's an unfortunate name...