Haku Gaming DS 2

Lord Haku

I have returned
Jul 3, 2006
Village Hidden in the Mist
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Welcome back for another week of a special addition of Haku gaming called Haku Gaming DS. This week will look at Castelvania Portrait of Ruin, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis

Castelvania is one of my favorite series. I love the old world feel of the games not to mention evolving Dracula. Well apparently Dracula was a fan of World Wars because that is when his castle rears it ugly head again during the Second World War so of course you are going to investigate.

But wait this game is having 2 characters going into the castle together. David and Charlotte have skills that are different from the others. David gets brute strength and Charlotte got some magical powers. You will have to work with both of them in order to get through the castle.

Like say if you need to get up to a spot but it is too high? Put Charlotte on the pillar and have David push once you get up there the other character will teleport. The game also allows you to jump into some of the portraits in the walls. So instead of Chasing Dracula down you can go to an Egyptian or an England town setting.

The game also features Wifi connection and some good multiplayer modes. Don't worry there are plenty of side quest to get your teeth on so look out for this game it looks like it could be a classic.

The next game is a franchise that everyone here knows and loves Legend of Zelda. Set after the event of Windwaker we find our friend on the ocean sailing away with another familiar figure. Suddenly you stranded on an island. Now you once again thrust again into danger looking for your friend.

There are four types of areas for you to explore Field, Dungeon and Sea. In the field you will have to navigate for four symbols to open caves. In the sea you will draw your path of transport using the stylus. When some enemy comes to attack you tap on the cannons to fire them.

For the boss fights they will span the whole to screens so you will be drawn into the fights. Unfortunely no release date for this game but it looks like a good game to continue the windwaker franchise.

The last game in our list is another familiar franchise we all now Mario. This time Mario and Donkey Kong are enemies again and Donkey Kong is the bad guy. Now you have to take a bunch of toy Mario’s to get him. Now listen to this all you have to is get through the levels with the toy Mario’s and have at least one survive.

Sounds easy right wrong! There will be plenty of enemies in your way and you can't you any Mario Attacks on them. So unless you have a hammer to start whacking them get out of the way. Don't worry there are plenty of secret paths for you to go too. And since you use the stylus to move them around your control will be that much better.

Another addition of the game is the multiplayer. You can create your own level of the game and challenge people around the world using the Wi Fi connection. This game looks to bring the fun of Mario together with the strategy of puzzles so any puzzles fans give this game a whirl.

Well that is it for this week in Haku Gaming join me next week to see what else the DS has to offer you Farewell!