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Jul 3, 2006
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Welcome to the 6th week thread of Haku Gaming. Now I know you’re a little disappointed about the lack of wii news at Leipzig but not to worry Haku gaming is fresh and new!:D This week we will look at Battalion Wars II, Sonic and the Secret Rings, and Warioware: Smooth Moves

Battalion Wars II is the promising sequel to the original Battalion Wars for the gamecube. The game has the ability to hook up for spilt screen less multiplayer leading to the assumption that this game will probably have some Wifi connection. The design of the levels is quite familiar but much bigger when it moves into the next gen version

To move the main characters around in the game using the analog stick with the nun chuck attachment. To execute commands use the buttons on the wii mote. If you want to jump move the nuncjuk up a little and moving it to the side little will have you jump to that side.

Well this looks like another promising title for the Wii library and looks like a good sequel to the cube version as well.

The next game on our list is the infamous Hedgehog himself Sonic. Returning to the video game scene once again this time in glorious next gen. To control sonic in this game turn the wii mote like you were playing Snes. The tilt function is where the control lies tilt left or right and well you know.

For fans of free roaming games this might be a shock but Sonic aint free roaming on this ride. He is going there a one level but don't worry you won't be disappointed. Using the 2 button will take care of your jumping needs. To do a running jump and he will land at the same speed. Hold it and he will do a super jump but speed will be hurt.

In the air by flicking the wii mote at enemies you will be able to mid air dash attack at them. Feel free to unleash massive combos on your enemies that could seem endless. :lol: The game also has a boost. By collecting fire items that you find on the trial you can have sonic go at a jaw dropping speed flying through the 3D world in style.

The game graphical is great and really shows how far the little Hedgehog has gone through the years. The camera sometimes can have slow movements where you see your hero kick ass in Next gen style. For fans of Sonic old and new this game promises to bring our hero back to his seat of glory.

The next game on the list is WarioWare Smooth moves. Keeping up with the tradition of the other Wario games there is mini games galore in this one. All which involve the Wii mote only. Before each mini game they will show you what to do with the Wii mote whether you’re drawing something or slicing something with a weapon.

Warioware is another game that is able to show people how different and unique the Wii is from another system before it.

Well that is it for this week in Haku Gaming tune in next week Farewell
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You ovbiously arent any kind of lord haku. you tricked me. you said we were going to talk about red steel, then you ended up talking about wario ware!
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Oh Damn it I forget to change it. i already did a post about Red Steel so I instead did one on Warioware I should have changed it to WarioWare I knew I forget something to edit my bad :D
My opinions on what you have reviewed:
Battalion Wars II is going to be an okay game but I dont think it will be great.

Sonic and the secret of the rings or something like that. This game I'm hoping will put Sonic back on the map as good games but I have a feeling that it will. It looks pretty good from what we have seen and with a new control scheme we can have something to look foward to. I beg all of you to check it out.

Wario Ware Smooth Move never been a fan of bunch of mini games so I'm just going to rent this one.
so this is what you were takling about when you were talking about haku gaming, i just thought you were a crazy person to be honest. >.<

very cool, i like how you reviewed BWii first since its the #1 title for the Wii, and will remain it for ever and ever