Haku Gaming 2.4


Aug 12, 2006
Friday… and like Pavlov's dog I find you salivating for another kidney based slice of Haku Gaming.

Then again, maybe your not… but what the hell it gets my post count up and does me something to do. Todays Haku Gaming is very special; today is the first Haku Gaming where I will review games. Notice the lack of P in review there. But leviathan I hear you say (or not as this is a forum, but I imagine you typing it feverously) Haku Gaming Season 2 has thus far been about Wii games, and you’ve never played a game on the Wii. Well, apart from wondering how you know I’ve never played a Wii game, I’d point out this weeks tenuous link is: Virtual Console games for the Wii available at launch that were on the Sega Megadrive that I have played. A longer tenuous link you’ll not find. So without further delay I’ll dust off the old emula… I mean megadrive and commence reviewing.

Ecco The Dolphin

Nostalgia: I remember you’re a dolphin, your pod is abducted and you have to rescue them. Also I could never get past the first level.

Reality: For a game with infinite lives, this game is hard. If you like a challenge this game is for you. If you find spending 5 minuets trying to do a jump and dying endlessly avoid this game. Like the plague.

ToeJam & Earl

Nostalgia: I have fond memories of playing this with my mates. To be honest, that’s it.

Reality: Ahhh… it seems I remember the sequel. However the game itself is fun. Additionally randomly generated levels guarantee infinite replay value. Still this is a “invite your best mate round and have fun for a couple of hours” type game. In this role it serves perfectly.

Golden Axe

Nostalgia: This was one of my favourite games.

Reality: It’s still got it. It’s like the best bits of Streets of Rage and high fantasy melded together. You can play it on your own or with mates… I just can’t get enough of this game. I could only find two downsides. 1.) After years of not playing it, I now suck. 2.) Arguments over who gets to be the dwarf.


So the question is, with roms is VC worth it. For Golden Axe and ToeJam & Earl most definitely. A rom, like playing ToeJam & Earl on your own, just isn’t the same. Ecco’s insane difficulty however just left me wanting to kill the next dolphin I meet. Oh and I suppose there’s the whole international copyright law thing going against roms.

So until next week, best of luck in your gaming!
(Oh and DarkPrinny, I care about VC as it gave me something to write about!)