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Jul 3, 2006
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Well Nintendo fans this I my first thread of Haku gaming. Every week I tell you of the games that matter. Games that will make the wii system it deserves to be. I will talk about the 6 new games coming to the wii. These games are from the EA a title we all know and love and they want to bring things to the wii. The 6 games are Madden, Harry Potter, SSX, Tiger Woods, Need for speed and The Godfather.

Madden as we know is probably the oldest sport game in video gaming history. Since I was young I can remember Madden coming to the ps1. Now Madden is coming into the next gen with the wii. How will be able to use the Wii to play football? Well you'll use to kick and pass, which offers greater freedom than ever before in a sports game.

Its expering the fun of football without having the 300 pound defensive backs coming at you:lol:

The next game we have for is The Godfather. This game debuted on the ps2 earlier this year and I loved it! The Wii mote will make this game a whole different story. Think of this game as a combination of Red Steel and Grand theft Auto:lol:

The object of this game is to have yourself rise about the ranks so you become the top dog. If you don't want to go with the story, feel free to cause havoc in this open New York City kind of world. Want to kill that snitch who ratted you out to the cops? Go ahead the possibilities our endless. Or maybe you want to bribe the cops so the stay of your back.

Either way I am happy that Nintendo is moving up the age group. Cause there nothing better than leaving a horse head for a little humor:lol:

The next game we caught is Harry potter. I myself don't really enjoy these games, to much puzzle for me. But with the wii attachment it promises to be different. Hopefully the Wii will be your wand so could be pressing several buttons at once, wave a wand and kick some Voldemort ass!

The Need for Speed game I have already told you in this forum, I have said enough about that. So Therefore we talk some golf. Tiger woods is birdying his way to the Wii. Using the Wii mote now we can enjoy the fun of golf without all that walking.

But since you probalby haven't read it, i'll tell you. The Need for Speed Carbon brings a new spin on the to familair system of Need for Speed. Make no mistake fans of the series this is in no way Most Wanted 2, this is a enteirely new game with even better possbillities.

First in this game you have a crew. Think of it like a pit crew in a racing only these guys are diffrent. Some of these guys help tune up your vechile after you took that turn to hard they will fix you right up. Need some help with getting guys of your back those are were blockers come in. There are also guys who bribe the cops of your ass.

The best part of the game is all the upgrades. You can upgrade your team to make yourself a force to be reckoned with. Then we got the boss battles. Make no mistakes these battles are hard core. They take place on the cayon runs that are increbile. If you go to close to the edge no magical force well stop you, you will fall of and lose the race.

During the race though you have to make sure to drive your best, its a point contest to the death, so if you keep slamming into the walls you need some more pratice. You also can buy land. The more land you buy the more tracks come with that. Also some lands are made for a certian car. So this game is definelty going to bring a great time to any racing fans and just fans of good music

The wii mote will have you swing, putt and maybe throw it if you get mad enough. Either way this is the game that will be above all other golf games. I wouldn’t be surprised if the big tiger himself didn't give this game a swing himself.

Last but not least is SSX, to be honest I don't know a lot about this game, but for you sports fan this another one that you can't miss, don't forget this is once again going to the shine with the advancement of the Wii mote, ah the motion sensitivity is perfect...........

Alright that's this week of issue of Haku gaming, tune in next week, as I see what THQ is cooking saynora:D
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nice post, very informative but most of the stuff I already know and I wish you went into detail about Need for Speed and SSX
I find it interesting how you chose non-launch title games for your first report. Is this just because the launch titles are talked about so much in other threads? Also before posting something as extensive as that I would read it again word for word before posting so you make sure words are spelled right and all that.

All in all though cool report ;D
Supermariomp3 said:
nice post, very informative but most of the stuff I already know and I wish you went into detail about Need for Speed and SSX

Yeah that too. I would love to know more about the NFS and SSX and controls.
Ahhh, see I know there was some reason why there was all those spelling errors, u should've just hit the abc button w/ a check.

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