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Jul 3, 2006
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Welcome all to Haku gaming. For the fifth week of Haku Gaming will be looking at Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, Wii Sports Airplane and Avatar the Last airbender.

Super Monkey Ball: Blitz is one of those franchises that causes some gamers to scratch their heads. The basic concept of this game is to controller a monkey in a ball and get him through the stages. Sounds strange but the series was a huge hit on the gamecube and is now making its next gen experience on the Wii.

The controller scheme using the Wii is rather simple. To roll forward motion the Wii button forward to slow down your speed pull the Wii mote Back. To turn left and Right, motion the controller in that direction. Also the Wii puts a brand new aspect of the game jumping. By pressing the A button on the Wii mote.

These levels can get hard though so except it to be a fun and interesting challenge by guiding your furry friend savely through the stages.

Our next game is Wii Motor Sports Airplane. The premise of the game is rather quite simple using the Wii mote fly your plane thorough rings before time goes out. The game requires you to be precise in your movements turn to hard and you'll go pass the turn, turn too lightly and then you will miss it completely.

It was a spawned after a failed Gamecube game PilotWings

The last game in our list is Avatar the last Airbender. This game is based of the popular anime show on Nickelodeon. In the game you will be able to control three characters in the game, and be able to switch between them whenever you want using the d pad on the Wii mote.

Cast Spells by pressing the B button and making a casting motion. Each hand has two attacks so it you will be able to use four spell attacks. Combos are big part of the game too. To unleash desturctive combos on your enemies flick the Wii mote in forward while pressing the A button. Using different characters will give you different abilities so make sure to choose wisely you don't want have to keep switching every time you fight.

The game is an Action/RPG so except that you can improve on your abilities. Avatar is will be coming to the Wii and to the Gamecube and the Wii version really shows of the next gen technology greatly

While that it for this week in Haku gaming Farewell!
Wow, u'r keeping this lively, I wasn't expecting this series to stay alive. I mean no disrespect at all, very nice job w/ all that u'r doing. Can't wait till next weeks issue.

U know wut's hilarious, no one even looked at the edition I did:tard:
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I got it from ign I just browse around until I can find an artcile about a new game I have done yet or sometimes i just improvise and talk about games ssbb or probalby very soon SMG
Hey Haku, nice to see these are still going, I've been reading through them and it's nice to be able to think "hmm xxx sounds like a nice game I'll go do some browsing myself" keep up the good work mate.