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Jul 3, 2006
Village Hidden in the Mist
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Hello and Welcome to another special addition of Haku Gaming I call Haku Gamecube. This week we will talk about Lego Star Wars: The original Trilogy, Naruto Clash of Ninja 2, and Super Paper Mario.

Star Wars has captured the imagination of generations thorough the Decades now it will capture on humor in Lego Star Wars: The Original Trilogy. The game promises to make all the flaws in the Lego Star Wars before it disappear. First will talk about the level which can be described in one word HUGE.

Seriously these levels will take 30 minutes at the least to complete not to mention free play. In the game you will able to ride in Lego Vehicles. For instance when you arrive in Mos Eisley browse around and you can find ATST to ride around and wreak havoc upon the Empire.

You will also be able to do space battles in this game like the run on the death star. In the game Mini kits return. For those of you unaware of what they are I will explain. Basically there are ten of them in each level if you collect all ten a vehicle is unlocked. In the last Lego Star Wars all they would is just sit there mocking and laughing because you couldn’t fly them!

But know you will able to take your ships out during Space Battles! The Multiplayer is still the same so you will be able to play with a friend or by yourself. Another New feature for this game is that the enemies will adapt depending upon your skill level. So if you’re like me slashing away at everything at sight and Deflect Laser Blast like a Jedi Master Except your enemies to give their all. But if you’re getting your Lego made Ass kicked they will lessen the blow to give you some time to breath

The last feature that this game holds is your ability to make your own Lego characters. You mix parts from other Characters to create a monster to call your own! Now the world can prepare for Darth Organa or Luke Threepoi:lol: The possibilities are endless in the game so you will be playing this game for a very long time

Next on the list is Naruto Clash of The Ninja 2. The Singe player is good in the game but where it really shines is Multiplayer. Now you can up to four player fight in the arena at once. Also you can have two Against One 1One against 3 and so on.

Single Player also has some features to brag about. The Storyline is big and the characters have been offered some additional quests. Of course by completing these quests you unlock characters. Also you can Unlock stages and character Bios to read up o your favorite Characters. Some Characters will require you to dish out some Hard Earned money but it is well worth the price.

The next mode in this game is taken from another Fighting game DBZ Tenkaichi the 100 mode where you battle it out against 100 enemies sounds like fun. Well this game looks to be a good addition to the Naruto Gaming Library Clash of the Ninja 2 takes Naruto to the next level

The Last game on the list is Super Paper Mario. In this game you will guide the paper Mario through some many familiar levels to get his destination. The thing that makes this game stands out is the game can switch from 2Dto 3D depending on what you are doing this feature will definitely add many more sections to this already large game.

Also the game allows you to be peach and Bowser and promises to mix Platforming and RPG into this game. Super Paper Mario combines these great genres and creates a whole new one proving that this tired old franchise is getting newer and I must say better by the movement.

Well that has been it for Haku Gamecube Make sure to tune in next week and see what the Cube has to offer us farewell!