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Jul 3, 2006
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Well Haku gaming Gamecube is back for the second edition in this special series. Today for we will be looking at Madden NFL 2007, DK Bongo Blast, and Tomb Raider Legend

Our first game is a series that we all know and love Madden for this year’s installment madden promises to bring more play into the running game and more control over it as well. You can switch from being the quarterback to the Head Blocker and give your guys some change to run than your can switch to the running back and see if you can plow your way through the touchdown

Nothing really new comes into the play in this game. There is the familiar Superstar mode that takes on a trip to the Hall of Fame. Just any player Linebacker, Running back, Receiver and your whole mission will be to play like that position. Don't worry about calling plays either the computer will hopefully choose the best course for you.

The better you do on the field the more your points go up until your receiving titles for your achievements careful about the ego though. In the game there will be interviews be nice and your points will go up sport a huge ego you’re doomed to failure.

This franchise tired as it is still remains fresh this season. As a fan of the series I have always loved and it has come along way from its ps1 era past into the future and this series will be going to all the next gen systems it just can't get any better than this. :D

The Next game on the list is DK bongo Blast. Though it may be hard to believe this is a racing game. Using the Dk Bongos from the previous game drum your way through the race avoiding many obstacles that will get in your way. You’re probably wandering how you’re going to race this thing? Well allow me to explain:D

When your vehicle is coasting forward (Which it will do all of the time anyway) tap the left and right drum for a boost of speed. But oh no! Something is coming out of your way and you can't dodge it! Fear not because by clapping the Donkey Kongas your character will jump. In case you want to unleash some banana fueled madness at your enemies tap the R and L button at the same time.

To get a banana boost hold up the L and R Buttons until the bar is fall and blast away. The game features many familiar characters for your Donkey Kong fan and the levels are interesting to. This game proves that the gamecube still has some surprises up its sleeve :cool:

The last game on our list is Tomb Raider: Legend. Yes the Bosom Ely Tomb Raider is back in this widely acclaimed series. Legend promises to bring back all the same goodness that some of us early ps1 owners remember. Not to mention the frustration. The gamecube series has been flying under the radar so hasn't been much info coming our way.

Still except to do the same old stuff that the first Tomb Raiders so big success. Hopefully in this one they downsides her breasts seriously how can she walk with those? Anyway Stay tuned Tomb Raiders Lara Croft will be coming to the gamecube soon.

Well that is it for this week in Haku Gaming Gamecube Farewell!
Good work Haku but dont put needles in me with the mirrors it hurt alot last time :(
I like the DK Bongo Blast Review :) i might buy it now