002 nintendogs review


Jun 25, 2006
hemet, CA
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here is my review of nintendogs for the nintendo DS
the game i have is the best friends version :)

The dogs in the game look graphically amazing IMO, they look and react realistic to an extent. I did notice there was a glitch/lag when meeting certain dogs in the game and the lag sometimes when petting the dogs/glitch and the backgrounds are poor BUT the textures on the dogs are VERY realistic

This game has a lot to do/long GPT(game play time). Feed dogs and play/compete with others there is a lot of accessories for your dog (hats and collars) the dogs DO have a free will which is a major plus, it is a very fun game all around and is defiantly Nintendo quality. But it does get a little repetitive and boring if your not to into the genre

Ambient sounds like cars and birds add to the effect, dogs sounds are somewhat real and their panting makes it more realistic. The dogs respond to your voice which is a major plus for the game with whistling and voice recognition. Only problem I found wrong with the sounds was the cars sounded like frogs

The virtual dog pets are fun to take care of especially if you know other people who play this game. GREAT use of the DS Stylus, petting/commanding the dogs to do things. Voice recognition is a VERY nice touch to the game. Voice recognition could use some improvements

Bark mode allows you to anonymously send someone else in bark mode a voice message and trainer info or to one of your friends. Lack of playing together, Should have allowed online capabilities, pageants? Competitions? Online parks?