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Oct 15, 2007
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Well, I'm a trivia buff and I'm in love with this game. Anyone up for some beta sometime when its up?
Played it three days straight...2 hours each day. I have to say, it's really fun and addicting when playing with friends.
not yet. but hay when do things ever come out here at the same time as everywhere else?

yeah i know somethings do and the the delay in games is actually noticable less over last few years.

i cant wait for it to be honest, xbox site says Soon so fingers crossed
Haha I downloaded and played it the other night as well, so confused.
The fact that when you're in the crowd, your avatar is still put in the 100 is what confuses me, at least I think that's what happens :|
and I'm unsure if people actually get the prizes or not in beta also..
fun though.
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Its not in the 100, when it zooms to your avatar you can see that the avatar is in the crowd and not in the mob. No, you can't win MS points in beta, but every question you answer, whether its right or wrong, enters you into a sweepstakes to win a whole bunch of shit.
Yeah but when i said i dont undersatnd the system, i didnt word it very well i meant.

HOW THE F WORD do you download it and or play it. lol.

i may sound like a complete noob here, and i must say its the first time iv been confused about something to do with xbox lol

id like to play with some people too.
Oh haha. Basically, what I did anyway, set a schedule for 1 of them (there's one on tonight at 6.30 ;)) and then it'll download automatically. I didn't even realise until minutes later it said '1vs100 has downloaded' or whatevz.
In extended play I was 7th<3
Me, Mikhail and Bernard make the single greatest quiz team the world has ever seen.