10 Reasons Why Wii Ware Will Be Great

jimbo said:
cant wait only thing im pi$$-ed about is that it cost $2000 to make games so right now im screwed in that sense but still this going to be 1 of the best things for wii 2008

Really hey you can always go here
You can get the PC copy and make your game from there. I started on this app for a small start up and the set up is very easy to use. You will need to know how to code though.
and get a working game going then make some cash and port it to the Wii.

That where you will get your $2000 from! It's just that easy if you have a will of steel! Oyeah and a team helps!

Good luck O yeah did I say this thing is cheap? It starts as low as 100 and supports many free 3d modelers.
everyone keeps worrying about them RELEASING a hard drive...all they have to do (and SHOULD do) is another system update for the wii to recognize a USB external storage device, just like they did with the usb wireless keyboards.
the futile, the futile it outweighs the beautiful
futile the futile the futile soo....

seriously, good points. i especially like the argument for the wii doesnt have a hard drive.
Sterculius said:
everyone keeps worrying about them RELEASING a hard drive...all they have to do (and SHOULD do) is another system update for the wii to recognize a USB external storage device, just like they did with the usb wireless keyboards.

yes thats something they should do, but on countless times they have said they wont do...which i find to be just retarded cuz of wii ware and basically just the future of the wii itself.
jimbo said:
some1 said it on forum a week or 2 ago

What do you mean? LOL guess I mangled that sentence I was in a rush as I don't get paid to do this...LOL But You can get your $2000 dollars from actualy developing a game now buy getting the torque engine for like a $100 and selling some copies of your game. The engine is made for the PC yet then you will actually have some experience so that when you do approach nintendo you will have one qualification down. Then from there your wide open to Wii game development but you better have a good office backend...LOL Unless you have a lot of family and friends that are willing to do games.

They are right and I think that was me but you just need about $2000 dollars to get started. All of the info is here believe it or not!

Thats if you are serious....

To become an Authorized Developer for Wii:

The process for becoming an Authorized Developer for Wii begins with the Developer Application.

The Developer Application is for developers located in North America, Europe, Australia, and countries outside of Japan/Korea. Japanese/Korean developers must apply to Nintendo Company Ltd. in Kyoto, Japan. 3rd Party Tools, QA/Testing, and Localization companies can also apply for Authorized Status using the same Application.

We typically look for companies that are established game developers, or individuals with game industry experience. We require that companies are working from secure business offices.

If the Application is approved by Nintendo, we will simultaneously execute the Wii NDA, and email you a copy of the Application and NDA for your records. At this point, the developer will be considered an Authorized Developer for Wii, which also includes WiiWare. The SDK can be downloaded from Warioworld, and development kits can be purchased from Nintendo.

If you are working with a Licensee on a project for Nintendo platforms, please indicate this information in the appropriate section of the Developer Application. A Licensee means a company which is licensed to develop and market approved games on a system which they have a current Nintendo Licensing Agreement.

Please submit this information using our Developer Application form.

* Your company's full legal and incorporated company name (including Ltd., Inc., Co.), address, telephone numbers and a main contact and that person's email address.
* A list of the principal members of your company, and their relevant game industry experience.
* A list of published game titles (any platform).
* A list of any subsidiaries or branch offices that will aid in development.

The general Terms and Conditions of the Authorized Developer program are:

1. Developer Qualifications: An Authorized Developer will have demonstrated the ability to develop and program excellent software for Nintendo video game systems or for other game platforms. In addition, an Authorized Developer will have a stable business organization with secure office facilities separate from a personal residence. Home offices do not meet this requirement. resources in order to insure the security of Nintendo confidential information and in order to ensure an effective environment for working with Nintendo and/or its Licensees. Nintendo provides Authorized Developers with highly confidential information and many of Nintendo's Licensees also rely on recommendations and referrals to Authorized Developers. For these reasons, Nintendo exercises a very high level of care in evaluating Authorized Developers.

2. Confidentiality Agreement; Release of Confidential Information: Upon entering into agreements to hold all proprietary information received from Nintendo as confidential, an authorized developer will receive written software programming specifications for the platform they will be developing for, and the ability to purchase software development tools solely for that company's site. Authorized developers will have access to Nintendo's third party support website to discuss all development issues and receive technical updates. Each employee or independent contractor of an authorized developer who has access to the Nintendo proprietary information will be required to sign a suitable confidentiality agreement with the developer and/or Nintendo.

3. Game Development: Rights granted to an Authorized Developer extend only to the use of Nintendo's proprietary information for the development of games on the platform for which they signed the appropriate non-disclosure agreement. Rights do not extend to the right to manufacture, market, promote or otherwise exploit developed games or the Nintendo proprietary information, whether incorporated in hardware, software or accessory formats. An authorized developer may develop a game on a speculation basis or on a contract basis with an authorized Nintendo licensee.

4. Wii Development Kits: Approximate development costs range from $2,500 to $10,000, depending on the size of your team. Financial stability is expected by Authorized Developers in order to purchase the necessary development equipment for your project.

5. Second Party Publishing with Nintendo: This program is not an offer for Nintendo to publish your game title. If you are developing a disc-based game for retail channels, it is your responsibility to secure your own deal with a Licensee. If you are developing a WiiWare game, it is in Nintendo's sole discretion whether to publish your game.

If you have any questions about your application, please feel free to contact Sandy Hatcher at [email protected] or 425.861.2091.

Thank you again for your interest in Wii and WiiWare development.

So if you are a wiiware developer you are also a real developer so that also means this is a real gate way since you have to buy your media from nintendo so you can print the disk which cost more money.

So when ever get good at the torque engine and feel you are ready for the Wii you can actually use some of your old torque code! And actually use that same engine on the Wii. Go here for info...

Ready to make console games? Torque for Wii is now available, allowing you to make content on Nintendo's Wii or WiiWare. Built upon the proven technologies of Torque Game Engine and Torque Game Builder, this engine offers you everything you need to make great games: a mission editor, easy integration with many 3D modeling packages, a powerful scripting language and more. All this, and you can develop your game on a PC with only one dev kit for the Wii.

Pronto Games, the developers of Torque for Wii, took the port a step further by adding the following Wii-specific functionality:

* Extensible Wii Remote support
* Nintendo Wii optimized skinned mesh rendering
* Nintendo Wii optimized compressed Texture
* Nintendo Wii optimized interior support
* Nintendo Wii optimized hardware blending for terrain textures
* Comprehensive Lot Check compliance
* Nintendo Wii graphics and audio abstraction layers
* Advanced Character and Shape Animations

And the best part? The price. As with all its products, GarageGames is committed to providing affordable technology to get you to your first Wii game.

I started my professional work on this engine and it is not UT3 yet but if you rub it right you can get res evil pretty much if not better. It's great for people who know game engines and the pieplines yet it's also great for people that have big ideas and no big dollars. It doesn't require a subscription like XNA either. Once you are a Wiiware developer you are a REAL developer! Now success is a different story yet any thing done with passion tends to end up that way.
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what is wiiware? is it going to be another system or is it something online like the VC?
Ironford said:
what is wiiware? is it going to be another system or is it something online like the VC?

It's can be away for VC games with added thing like levels and updated art but it really and online way of buying real games with out going to the store. Wiiware is a service much like the VC thing yet it is made for new games mostly.

It's nintendo's way of freeing it's self from the fan boys in the industry by giving it's fans power to create yet it is also away to help developers try out new things with out too much risk. More developers is a good thing, more types of games is even better.