32 New Wii Titles and 30 Classics available for Wii


Apr 30, 2006
Nintendo have released a press statement detailing the titles that will be available for Wii during the launch window.

Nintendo have revealed that, "within the first five weeks of launch, Wii™ owners can pick from up to 62 games, representing the most diverse, and most exciting, console video game library available".

Taken from the press release:

By year's end, Wii owners will have 32 new titles to play, including industry powerhouse games like The Legend of Zelda®: Twilight Princess, Madden NFL '07, Need for Speed™: Carbon and Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam™; category-redefining adventures like Red Steel™, Elebits™ and Trauma Center™: Second Opinion; and Hollywood favorites like Cars, SpongeBob SquarePants™: Creature from the Krusty Krab and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Some of these games might be familiar, but if you haven't played them on Wii, you're only getting half the experience.

Wii owners also will return to their youth with 30 classic games available for download to play on Wii's Virtual Console™. These include games for the NES®, Super NES®, Nintendo® 64, Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx16 consoles. Players redeem Wii Points in the Wii Shop Channel and download their games. And that's not to mention the entire library of more than 530 Nintendo GameCube™ games that can be played on the Wii console from day one because Wii is directly backward compatible.

Here's the list of 3rd party titles that will be available during the launch window before the end of December:

Activision: Call of Duty® 3, Marvel™ Ultimate Alliance, Rapala® Tournament Fishing, Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam™, World Series of Poker®: Tournament of Champions
Atari: Dragon Ball Z®: Budokai Tenkaichi™ 2
Atlus: Trauma Center™: Second Opinion
EA: Madden NFL '07, Need for Speed™: Carbon
Konami: Elebits™
Midway: Happy Feet™, Rampage®: Total Destruction™, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy™, The Ant Bully
Sega: Super Monkey Ball™: Banana Blitz
SNK: Metal Slug™ Anthology
Tecmo: Super Swing Golf
THQ: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Barnyard®, Cars, SpongeBob SquarePants™: The Creature from the Krusty Krab
Ubisoft: Far Cry®: Vengeance, GT Pro Series, Monster 4X4 World Circuit, Open Season™, Rayman Raving Rabbids™, Red Steel™, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent™
Vivendi: Ice Age 2™: The Meltdown

Nintendo also goes on to clarifying the Virtual Console titles and lists the following games available by the end of December:

NES: Mario Bros.®, The Legend of Zelda®, Donkey Kong®, Donkey Kong Jr. ®, Ice Hockey, Pinball, Soccer, Tennis, Urban Champion®, Wario's Woods™, Baseball, Solomon's Key
SNES: F-Zero®, SimCity™
N64: Super Mario® 64
Sega Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Columns, Ecco the Dolphin, Gunstar Heroes, Space Harrier II, Toe Jam & Earl, Ristar, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
TurboGrafx16: Bonk's Adventure, Super Star Soldier, Victory Run, Bomberman '93, Dungeon Explorer

Woof lots of press releases lately :)
I'd have to say just about every NES game is going to be on my console... Just hoping Kung-Fu and mario 2 & 3 make it on there soon...
Why aren't Nintendo offering up their entire library for the VC at launch? That is a measly list. They can give us Mario Bros for the NES, but none of the sequals for the SNES ? No Zelda for SNES ? What's the deal ?

Right now, the only games I want for VC are Mario All Stars (SNES) and Gauntlet Legends (N64).
Im dissapointed about the N64 games; i already have Mario 64 for the N64 and DS. I would have liked to see Lylat Wars, Ocarina of time (though, again, i already have it), majoras Mask, 1080 snowboarding, mario kart, and so many more. I can only hope they come out one day.

I cant see Excite truck there?!?! i thought that was a definate launch title??
Nintendo won't be offering the whole VC library for launch because:
a) that's a lot of work to add to what is practically a simultaneous worldwide launch and
b) what will they have to offer us VC-wise if all the games are put up at launch? What will we have to look forward to in the future for the VC?
True - I'd like to see some of the classic rpg's on the VC - do you guys think devs like square / enix will go along with the VC?
i sure hope so because that would be a great way for nintendo to add a huge amount of rpgs to thier library
chessaholic said:
I cant see Excite truck there?!?! i thought that was a definate launch title??
The list of Wii games is only showing third party games and Excite Truck is a first party game.
Wiired said:
How cool at the Virtual Console :D I'm def getting the NES version of Mario

Trust me, DON'T :incazzato:!!! If u like bad graphs, not scrolling back if u miss something and lots of useless and fatal glitches, get it.

Enough said :prrr: .
dan99iel said:
Trust me, DON'T :incazzato:!!! If u like bad graphs, not scrolling back if u miss something and lots of useless and fatal glitches, get it.

Enough said :prrr: .

Thats a bit short sighted. Sure the graphics are bad nowadays but back when Mario frist came out they were pretty damn awesome. Not scrolling back if you miss something is part of the gameplay. If you had a NES you couldn't even save. You had to complete the game in one sitting. When Nintendo remade Mario Bros. for the Gameboy Color (Super Mario Bros. Dulux) you could backtrack a certain distance and save games.
Personally I prefer the original NES version.
End of the day a game is about the Gameplay and Mario Bros is just great fun to play.