3D stereoscopic games on Wii


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Feb 4, 2009
Hello, I will start to say the recently 3d stereoscopic games appeared:

G-Force (Wii, xbox360, ps3) Disney

Cameron's Avatar (Wii, xbox360, ps3) Ubisoft

Future release: Toy Story Mania (Wii) Disney

I want to claim to the developers why multiplatform games like G-force and Avatar NOT include the 3D feature in the Wii version, when the Wii is perfectly capable to do so. I remember the NES racing game "Rad Racer", a 3D game on the NES, how is this possible?. This demostrates that the 3d feature can be implemented in any gaming console and the estupid excuse that the Wii can handle 3D stereoscopic graphics is nonsense!!


For example I did have great expectations about the Cameron's Avatar on the Wii, this game will have impresive graphics and is target to a hardcore audience. But the game without the 3D feature makes it awful against the HD counterparts, makes me thinking about buy it or not. I talk to you Ubisoft and to you Mr. Guillemont, you must include this feature on the Wii version. Becose this is the game's CORE feature and without this you destroy the gaming experience.



Hopefully, Disney learn the lesson and will launch Toy Story Mania supporting great 3D Stereoscopic effects on the Wii, even is focused to a kid audience.
This will open the door to future 3D stereoscopic support on Wii games, there's no reason to watered down these games on the Wii.
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Now, even better the motion sensing capabilities of the Wii allow the console to show games in 4D (four dimension) as at E3 Nintendo press conference Camie Dunaway refers to "New ways to play games in 4D". She refers to the "Holograms", when we talk about 3D is all about the deep the 2D games have and 4D refers the contrary of deep, like the images leave the screen's plan in front of you. Take a look to these videos:



If Nintendo wants to be very innovative this feature will be the Winner, if they take full advantage of this; they can easy beat the 3D stereoscopic tendency the others consoles have in their games. Becose the Nintendo's feature is far better, not only in the games camp, even with interactive movies using this method. Imagine a game that take advantage of this like for example "Disney's Tron" do you imagine how amazing this game will be or an update of the clasic NES Power Glove game "Super Glove Ball", or REZ. Oh this will be so great.





I will give you some help Nintendo, instead creating stupid Horse riding controlers try to build a device like a pair of glasses with giroscopes to track the head motion and change the camera respectively. Or a peripheral to use two wiimotes in the head, allowing the illusion of holograms. It's a shame we lose the genious of Johnny Lee, please Nintendo no more misstakes. I hope Nintendo will use this in future Wii games or a new console based on this idea.
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I remenber the NES racing game "Rad Raiser", a 3D game on the NES, how is this possible?
With some green and red and a pair of these

But the titles you mention are film licenses (and probably shovel-ware).By Disney no less (and there not known for making good games in the last few generations) so they will be lapped up by those that "See the film play the game"

You need to learn more abut technology before you can get your hopes up
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That news story has nothing to do with the Wii.

isn't in part, becose the researchers say that their tech can be applied to a video game or a console with motion sensing capabilities.

Now, Nintendo this is the time to recover. If you know Microsoft turn down the xbox360 Pro to $ 249.99 and Sony did the same with the ps3 slim at $299.99.

If you don't take care, the competency can beat the Wii on the upcoming Crismas time.

I recomend, down the Wii price to $200 and start to include new features on the Wii like Netfix service, the Manga Channel, the Marvel Comic Channel, purchase Daikana the rival company of OnLive to include the On-demand gaming service and remarkably improve the online server service infraestructure to stay on par with the xbox-live and ps-network.

Ideas and innovation are the Keys to win, Nintendo. It's time to reveal your secret weapons!!
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