3rd Party IR Bar That Plugs into Wall?


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Feb 23, 2009

I plan to use my new Wii with a front-projection system; therefore, the IR bar that came with the system won't do the job.

I see many cordless IR bars advertised, but the downside of these is the use of batteries. Granted, I can use rechargeables, but that's still a bit of a hassle.

Has anyone bought or heard of any third-party IR bars that plug into a standard wall electrical outlet? If so, please let me know the manufacturer and/or where I can buy such a unit online.

There's an outlet near where the bar will sit, so that configuration would work perfectly for me.

Alternatively, are there any reasonably priced, third-party AC adapters designed for use with the IR bar that comes with the Wii console? Again if so, please let me know who makes it and/or where it can be found online.

I don't know of any that use an adapter, or of an adapter for the Wii sensor bar.

If you're a tinkerer, you could easily wire up an adapter to any sensor bar, you just have to match voltage output of the adapter to whichever sensor bar you use. I believe the wireless ones are all 6 volts, while the Wii one is 7.8 volts, most voltage adjustable universal adapters will run these voltages, though they usually step from 6v to 7.5v to 9v, 7.5v will run the Wii sensor bar, and some have even just added a 9v battery snap connector to the Wii sensor bar, so 9v should run it ok too. The adapter has to be 200mah or higher. The easiest way to do it is to wire a socket to the sensor bar that matches the plug from the adapter, or you could hardwire the adapter right to the sensor bar. If you go poke around Radioshack, they would have whatever you need. Of course if you don't have a soldering iron, or don't know anyone who does who could help, then you would have to use crimp butt connectors to join wires instead of soldering.

Unfortunately the DIY route is the only way to get a sensor bar that will plug into the wall as far as I know, but it has been done before.

See here for 9v battery mod (post #1):

And here for wall adapter mod (post #17):
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Hmm, Thanks for the answer, even though it's not the one I was hoping for.

Yes, I have a soldering iron and have been known to tinker from time to time. Guess I'll buy a battery-operated IR bar for now, and maybe try adapting the one that came with the console some time down the line.