a different remote problem


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Dec 24, 2007
okay, one remote works fine. The other seems to sync fine. However, The buttons all work, I can guide the "hand" around the screen. But when we go into a game to play the Infrared feature do not work. Like in tennis, we push a and the ball goes up but we cannot swing.... we rebooted, resync'ed, new batteries, unplugged. nothing can bring it back.. any ideas???
Wow, probably the 50th person I've told. I need to make a sticky on this >_<

First, the infrared feature is for pointing only. The accelerometers which do the motion detecting are "stuck". Firmly hit the remote on your palm a few times. This works 99% of the time and is what the Nintendo support will tell you to do.

If this doesn't work, take it back to the store that you bought it from, they usually won't give you any hassle if there's people in there. Just make sure you're really loud. :thumbsup:
Some games wont work with the nunchuck connected,
I am not very sure about wii sport though
Thanks! We had a controller that would not detect the upward flipping motion required in some games. Tapping it against my palm rather firmly a few times fixed our problems!