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Jan 25, 2009
Cairo, Missouri
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Last night as we were getting ready for bed the phone rings and it's my sister in law. She is telling us if we see the fire outside. We didn't until we looked out the window. An 80 acre field to our south was burning and with strong winds blowing from that direction it looked like it was heading right for us. Then the State highway patrol informs us to evacuate or be prepared to evacuate very quickly. So this is about my worst nightmare come true. There are 4 houses between us and the field and the fire was just about to those houses when the fire dept. was able to gain control. Had the fire been able to jump the gravel road, there was nothing to keep it from getting our houses. Standing outside the house you could feel the heat, and ash and embers were blowing overhead. We got extremely lucky no one lost their house, and no firefighters were injured. They did a fantastic job saving ours and our neighbors houses. There is nothing worse than rushing through the house trying to decide what to take with you, not knowing if you are going to have a house to come back to.

I'm glad to hear that everything's alright.
So now that you were actually in that situation, what things did you plan on saving?
Hurricanes, tornadoes, dust bowls, floods (Stevie Ray Vaughan RIP), fires, and they've even had freak snow/ice storms.
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So now that you were actually in that situation, what things did you plan on saving?

We grabbed the folder in the file cabinet that has the birth certificates of us and our kids, along with other important paperwork and threw our photo albums in a box. Not much time for anything else. It was tough, but when it comes down to it, everything else is replaceable. I'm just so happy we didn't lose our house. Really makes you think, and have more sympathy for those who have lost their house.
You know, I really can't imagine a snow storm in Texas.

Not really 'storms' but they can get snow up in Dallas (very little). Havent seen snow in my city since 1985. I live in central TX and we just get rain storms from the hurricanes that blow in off the Gulf.
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