A monumentous day.


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May 23, 2006
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Well... I woke up this morning and suddenly, something dawned on me! There are only ten days left until the wii comes out! So what does that mean exactly?

To start, this is the day nobody will remember, making it unique in its own right!

Also, for the next week and a little bit, we get to remember the good times we've had watching eagerly as forums are updated. Or the fake forums that are being updated. I ask you this, when these ten days end, do not forget the good times you've had waiting for November 19th.

And finally, I will not be able to buy my wii on launch date, because I will not be able to get to the city. Sooo... As soon as you get your wii, I want comments on the games you buy, got it!


Sorry to everyone outside of North America, I didn't mean to make you sad because of your miserable launch date!
here here. A round of beers to those who cannot afford or do not have access to a wii, or are blinded and robed by the shoddy ps3.
Yeah, well another big thing was that Eb games now has info on pre-ordering Halo 3 - it really made me think about the 360, but I got over it after half a day....
i think im gonna get a 360 as soon as i get the money (wii first obvioulsy) after seeing assasins creed and gears of war its hard to not want one (not to mention halo 3, halo wars, and gta 4)