Wii officiali to laun.ch in November, no day...


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Jun 19, 2006
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Well, here at IGN, they said that the wii titles upcoming where going to release at November, well as you know there has been a lot of speculation... anyway as we all know, it was going to be for the 4th quarter... we are almost there and launch titles are headed for November as they said there, what do you think?

Source: HERE!

Well, I think it will be launch at early November like in the first 5 days, what do you think?
NeMeZyZ said:
can't wait till play with my wee-wee

Your post's never ceast to amaze me NeM.

And yeah that sounds about right. I'm sure they'll announce something around the first days of November on September 14th. We'll just have to wait -_-
welp, i'm not trying to amaze you, i can do a backflip if u want. regardless of date, we are still close, tomato-potato, october-novemeber
i thinck that ign is just makeing a lucky guess sience nintendo has not let loss the release date.ign would have posted that.
Although I want it to be sooner, November would be good. And that's probably when we'll get it here in Australia anyway. I'm so excited for Wii. YAY! And if its in November it gives me heaps of time to save up more to get lots of stuff at launch. ^^;; but I really want a Wii RIGHT now! :p
I think it probably will be early november for Europe; perhaps mid-October for Japan and US. However, IGN are almost certainly just making a good guess. www.play.com which is where i buy just about all my dvds, games, books, etc has it down for 25th Dec. Obviously it won't be out ON xmas day, but it proves nobody really knows...
that IGN thing is fake..see that other post about IGN reveals release date and price
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Sovieto said:
that IGN thing is fake..see that other post about IGN reveals release date and price

Thanks for this, I was already doubting it!