Wii release date November 14th according to Virtual Games (UK Store)


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Aug 20, 2006
I was in Virtual Games yesterday enquiring about the Wii, and the guy there said that as they were sponsered by Nintendo they were gonna be taking preorders first, on the 1st of September. I said: In that case, do you know when the release date is? And he replied with November 14th.

Now, I don't know whether I believe this or not, but I thought i'd post it anyway, just so you guys know ^_^
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Be cool if theres like a massive catch.. that it'll just randomly be released like.. tomorrow.. to surprise us all :p and that all stores have already got all the Wii's :p Guy can dream..

Edit: I just thought.. November 14th is just under 3 months away.. that sucks :sick:
this isnt good news! you should have posted, and why would a small company no ones heard of know it?
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It's not a small company, it's a large chain of shops. The reason you haven't heard of them though is because all of there shops are in Berkshire.
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Lol sorry guys just realised a typo, I put November 24th and not 14th lol. 14th is what I meant :) I put 14th in the title and 24th in the post, shame on me AND you for not noticing :lol: