Rumored wii release date


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Aug 2, 2006
Me and my friend got in an argument over the Wii's release date. He showed me the release date of a Wii game from the wal mart website, which said to be released 10/2/06. I think its just a rumor and I never trust it wal mart for any of my gaming info. What is the closest release date you guys think?
there has already been a thread almost exactly like this. please search before you start a new thread.
Who cares, might as well answer his question anyways , stop comlaining gosh
Well rumored release dates for the Wii are from the beginning of october to the beginning of november, personally i think november
yea might as well but does anyone know wen it will come out in europe, germany specifically, but not in local stores on the american base
No. No one even knows when it will come out in Japan.
mikybee93 said:
well a guess?
thats what everyone here is doing. guessing when it will come out. no one knows. i dont even know if nintendo even knows when they will release it.
but you can still talk about it here. there are already too many threads about the release date anywhere. pick one. theyre all good.

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