Rumored wii release date

mikybee93 said:
Yea that would suck, but the G-cube was that way, and since i have an american G-cube and live in germany its hard cuz i haf to go to the base and we barely go there

Why do you have an American (NTSC) GameCube if you're living in Germany (PAL)? I live in Australia and we're PAL too. If games are the issue (you might want games you can only get in America) you can easily get converter discs and stuff from and they seem to have some seriously cool extras for your consoles too. I'd start buyin stuff from them if I could be bothered working out how to do online trading but im lazy :p

The GameCube (GC) did have some great games... I dont know if I agree in the 'Cube being "the way". It was certainly the most efficient console of the current-gen (NGC, PS2, Xbox) and seeing that the Xbox360 has based its architecture off the GameCubes (the GameCube used IBM and ATI chipsets, while the first Xbox utilised Intel and Nvidia chipsets, now the Xbox360 utililises IBM and ATI chipsets as the NGC did)

Even nowadays it has some games which graphically are still gorgeous (and by graphically I'm not just referring to high polygon counts, I also refer to the overall framerates and texture depths) such as Rebel Strike and Resident Evil 4. I know there is room for improvement on some visual aspects of these games but personally I'd be happy with graphics like that if not a little better for Nintendo's next gen. In my opinion, Rebel Strike would have to be one of the most beautiful games on GameCube. As you fly over the landscapes and absorb the beautifully crafted landscapes, and superbly detailed vehicles and ground forces, not to mention water effects, its really a fine game visually, not to mention good gameplay cuz thats all we're after right? :p

In terms of hardware the GC was a little lacking in my opinion. Not in terms of performance but in what it could do. Unlike the PS2 the GC did not double a DVD player (which was a pretty big thing back in the launching days of 2001/2002) and many sought after it as not only a gaming console but a cheap DVD player; similar story to the Xbox (a friend of mine just has his PS2 in his games room, he didnt bother buying a DVD player because he had a PS2). Additionally the PS2 and Xbox featured in-built networking hardware, which while the PS2's networking capabilities weren't widely exercised, its still a very neat feature. Apparently Kill Zone had a multi-console multiplayer feature, which was a fantastic idea.

The GC had a similar feature, with some games like 1080 Avalanche and Mario Kart: Double Dash!! had networking capabilities, but due to the external modems for the GC and the overall hassel of trying to get your hands on one (for me the only option is to send an order to Nintendo Australia and get them to ship one to me... too much effort plus who else do I know is willing to do the same?) but having the PS2 with that hardware inbuilt means readily accessible LANing. One possible upshot of not having these two functions (DVD Player and Networking) for the GC could have contributed to its lower cost for the consumer. Its hardware is more advanced than the PS2 which results in significantly better visuals, but it is still cheaper even now the PS2 brand new is roughly $200 AUS while the GC is about $99 AUS. For example, by not playing DVDs Nintendo avoid royalty fees to the developers of the DVD Codec, which makes for a cheaper console on the consumer end of things, but lacking in features than consumers might want... kind of good and bad at the same time :wtf: ...

There was a time when good graphics did mean good gameplay... I think that is the generation we are exiting now... There was a strong emphasis on games that looked the best and which consoles could handle what outputs in terms of polygon count, texture depth, bit depth, etc... but graphics are not a sustainable measure for long term success in gaming. Hell even now I find myself playing the old DOOM and Duke Nukem 3D/64 games just because they were so much fun. The truth is that graphics will keep getting better and better. Games will continually look more realistic, and it'll continue like that. The Wii's take on gaming still provides us with good looking graphics (As said above, I'm happy with anything on the new gen that is Resi Evil 4 or Rebel Strike + ), but with a truely unique way of playing games.

One thing I'm not sure of tho... is are we enjoying those games because of their gameplay value, or are we enjoying them because when we play them we remember how we enjoyed them all those years ago? I suppose we'll find out soon enough...

I suppose I make up for my lower post count by making them stupidly long! thanks for reading if anyone can lol
the reason i had an american GC is cuz wen i got it i was living in america, im aloud to go on the american base so i can stock up on games anyways
The Wii release dates have had a lot of crazy rumors. My fav is that this picture right here...


...represents the release date which may be 10-1?:lol:
i heard that the release date might be october 2 ( look it up, the evidence is reasonable). This is bad news. the 2nd is a monday. I was going to camp out 2 insure i could get one. but since i have school, i cant get 1 till months afterwards. Please let nintendo release it on a saturday/sunday/holiday!!
hey do u think nintendo has an exact release date planned but is just keeping it from us to get us to keep looking up more stuff about the wii so we get more interested, and more people buy more wiis??
rodent said:
hey do u think nintendo has an exact release date planned but is just keeping it from us to get us to keep looking up more stuff about the wii so we get more interested, and more people buy more wiis??
It could be possible but then again might not be