wii release date rumors

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Aug 7, 2006
okay, this is my 1st post. Now, maby u have heard the rumors about the Wii release date being october 2 (if not look it up, there is actually a lot of evidence). I am new to being a hardcore gamer ( just a couple of months ago i was a casual gamer) so i do not know how a new console works. I was planning on camping out of a store 10 hours be4 it came out so i could definetely get 1, because i know if i do not i will probably not be able 2 get 1 4 several months afterwards, due 2 other nintendo fans, the holiday season, and supply and demand. Sounds reasonable right? Well to my horror, october second is a monday. I have school on monday!!!!

If any1 has any imformation against this or sees that im missing a holiday PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!! thanks
please search before posting. this topic is everywhere so im going to close this thread. welcome to wiichat. im sorry your first post has to be closed, but we have too many like this topic.
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