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May 18, 2009
Hey everyone!

I have a question about how to save lives on Super Mario Galaxy. Now, before you think "read the manual", rest assure I have.

When I am ready to exit the game, I generally go to the main menu, click save game progress. After it saves, I turn off the game or the Wii itself.

Alrighty, here is my problem: When I start UP the game, all the lives I had stored up are gone, and I am dropped down the the original 4 that the character starts with.

Out of curiosity, I hopped onto my roommates game. He had 54 lives saved. I exited the game, and the next time he played, he was ALSO down to 4 lives.

I tried erasing the entire game from the Wii and starting from scratch. I had collected over 20 guys, and yet the next day, all my lives were gone.

All the stars I collected are still there, and it seems like all the star bits are there as well...I just keep loosing the guys. Any suggestions as to what else I can do???
You always lose them, but you can run around the main board and collect a bunch of extra lives before heading off to a planet.

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